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Why iPhone 5SE is a Game changer?

The new iPhone is here and people can’t stop talking about it. Let’s first talk about the Design, it measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and hit the scales at 112g. It looks exactly like the iPhone 5S with minor changes around the edges of the phone. It has all the new colours that iPhone 6s provides. If we think about it what apple has done it here is actually taking us back in time, all would agree upon this that iPhone 5SE is a development of iPhone 5S. Both comes with a 4 inch…

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10 Best Smartphones for taking Selfies

Either you love it or hate it; ‘the selfie trend’ is absolutely in. Either you love to take your pictures or do all time video conferencing, the reasons can be many. While all the manufacturers these days are working towards it, we have got you with some of the best selfie smartphones to opt for in the market. HTC ONE M8: The flagship model of the HTC brand is one of the best selling one in the year 2014 and hence, it’s the ruling one in the list. For gaming…

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Sports And Fitness Apps In Apple Store

If health is the most important thing on your mind, then fitness apps would be perfect for you. Apple store has many sports and fitness apps that might help in keeping a tab on your health. Fitness apps help to guide your physical fitness level. With fitness applications, there is no issue of weight check. Many runners also use fitness applications to mark and record their running time. Calorie control app is a very popular application in iPhone and iPad. It lets you control your calorie intake. To know more…

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Veto of Apple decelerating apt to Upend the Official Document Conflict

Obama Administration has stated to turn over international trading rule against the Apple. He promises to upset long time battles for intellectual property in regards of the Smartphone’s in the market and modification in plan of technology companies that are protecting their inventions. The companies are using the copyright to amble competitor in terms of the mobiles in the market to expect up to $400 billion for this year. According to the constitution of Pricewaterhouse Coopers the number has increased to 30% in the U.S for the patent. The brand companies like Apple, Samsung Electronics…

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Resale value of iPhone is greater than samsung

In real competition it is true that Android is outpacing Apple at new sales, but the iPhone has great value when you want to resale.  It seems to be the better bet in terms of resale value. At least, that’s according to new data released now a days and that is the news in tech world. Surveying the recent resale market, Analyst has found that Apple hung onto its value in the U.S. better than many of devices like certain Samsung devices. What Makes Resale value of iPhone is greater than…

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