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Best Phones under INR 15,000 price bracket

A lot changes with time even in just a month’s time. When the hyper-competitive smartphone markets keep changing drastically, it is a treat for the buyers only because buyers keep getting new smartphones on offer every now and then and definitely every penny is then worth spending. With the new companies entering the competitive race of technology market every day, these are creating new offers and models for the customers who want worth the penny smartphones. The bold new launches and aggressive price cuts have lead to the whole new…

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Things Iphone can’t do but Android phones can

For the people who think iPhone is the one, iPhone is the best and if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, there is news for you now.  Gone are the days when iPhone was a style statement or when if you had an iPhone you were seen with the eyes of envy. Android Vs iPhone features There are some features iPhone doesn’t support but android does. Because of which the percentage of people not using iPhone is because of such reasons. Surprising right? How can a…

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Unlock The Permanently Locked Android

An android user Disha Mathur,  marketing professional from Chandigarh says that she is quite frustrated regarding her android phone-lock because she usually forgets that what pattern or code she has set on his phone. “I have to pay 200-500 almost after every two months. I really want to get rid of this or I would wish to learn the secret of encoding my phone”, she adds Another android user Swayam Kochar also share his problem regarding the unlock system in the android phones. He says, “My 3 year old son…

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Review of Google+ for android

Google + has been for some time and is also available for android. It will be good to talk about google + for android because of its increasing popularity. Features of Google+ for android You can post and share photo, comments, video etc. on android device by using google+. You can edit post and also delete any post on the android screen. Features like +1 comment and +1 comment is also available in the app. If users want to share their location they can and they can post something with…

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Android Vs iOS Comparison on Various Factors

When it comes to Android it is now the world’s most used Smartphone platform.   Thanks to all mobile manufactures off course some credit goes to IOS which can only be used on iPhone or apple devices.  It means you have to buy the phone to buy the Platform.  By the way real apples are very costlier too. Cost Comparison Android Vs IOS A person can enjoy Android by paying INR 3,000 and more but to experience an IOS you really need to empty your pocket.  Many times 2 months of middle…

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