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5 Best Android Apps for Virtual Tour of Heritage Sites and Museums

The time is gone by when you regret going abroad and then missing on some interesting places to visit due to time fight. With the advancement in technology, everything interesting across the globe can be accessed with the help of one touch via fingers. Virtual Tour Apps helps people to experience the moment with the 360-panorama view of Paris sitting at your relaxing couch in your home. It brings USA, Paris, Europe, Antarctica and the globe just at your fingertips to access. Here are few best android apps that can…

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10 Best Mobile Apps for Online Shopping in India

Gone are the days when spending hours of time shopping in the market was the best way for the shoppers of India. Online shopping has left behind all the conventional methods and is the most trending mode these days. Offers, discounts, under one roof system, easy to choose, buy with a click are the alluring factors which make it the trending one on the computers. But if you do not have PC, you can’t shop? Is it what you are thinking? Don’t be sad because the mobile apps are there…

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10 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

With each passing day, a new smartphone better than the predecessor model hits the market. With each better model is approaching towards the better quality of point and shoot camera, more and more people have started getting a nack of clicking good pictures. Since, most of the people use Android smartphones, to list some of the best photo editing apps was much needed. Explore these android apps to take the photography skills to another new level. PicsArt Photo Studio: When we talk about Photo Editors, PicsArt is one of the…

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Guide to Choose the Best & Must-Have Android Apps for your Smartphone

If you have already got a new Android mobile phone, you may be wondering about what are the apps you must use. There are loads of free and paid apps which you may find useful. However, the larger the number of application, slower will be the performance of the Android device. Hence, one must take caution in choosing only the applications which are required and you will be using. There is no point in downloading fancy applications which you will never be using. Security and Anti-Virus First and foremost thing…

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TextGenie- Android Mobile App to Convert Slangs into Plain English

Here comes a mobile application (TextGenie for Android) help worried parents to convert their Kids’ slangs and abbreviations based text messages (SMS) into plain and simple English. Hence, it enables them to understand the message which otherwise may remain non-understandable for them due to the slangs being used. UK based company DCML is behind this project who conducted a detailed research on the subject before launching the TextGenie mobile apps for Android. Download link. TextGenie for Android Mobile Apps Research conducted by DCML proved that more than 80% parents of…

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