Starting Your Own Blog an Easy Way

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If you are interested in blogging and want to have a blog of your own but don’t know how to go about then we have a solution. To get into blogging, you need not be a technical expert person. Even a layman can create his/her blog without getting into any technicalities or coding. There are two things that has made it easy these day for everyone to get into blogging. These two things are – WordPress and a Readymade WordPress Theme.


WordPress and Readymade WP Theme for Layman or First-Time Blogger

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for self-hosted blogs and websites. You can assume it to be a big box housing everything related to your blog. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to create that ‘everything’ all by yourself. A readymade WordPress theme solves the problem. All you need to do is choose and buy one of the best wordpress themes available in the market and install it on your wordpress installation.

Design and Customizations

A WordPress with a Theme installed on it will give the desired look and design to how your blog should look like. Not only that, but for further customizations it has all the in-built plugins/widgets which will help you to make it look whatever way you want and that too without touching even a single line of code or knowing anything about technicalities.

While the WordPress is a free blogging platform, the wordpress theme will not be Free always. Though there are some free wordpress themes available in the WP library but most of them will come with very limited features and customization option. So, if you want to take up blogging in a much professional way, always purchase a readymade theme.

Is Readymade WP Theme Worth for Money Spent?

Buying a readymade WP theme is worth for the money spent as it will save huge time and efforts that you would have spent otherwise on customizing the wordpress to create a blog of your choice. Second best thing, any layman can handle a WordPress theme whereas you need strong technical skills if you want to avoid buying a readymade theme and want to do everything manually.

Now next question comes up which WordPress theme is suitable for whom and what he/she should buy. This is important and critical as buying a wrong theme may not help and instead you will end up losing the money and on top of everything the motivation for starting a blog which ofcourse you won’t like to do.

Some of Famous People Using ReadyMade WordPress Themes Successfully


Some Samples (Designs) of Best ReadyMade WP Themes

Click on the below images to see these themes in action.

magazine  expose

       newstube              videopro

[Newbie Bloggers] Where and How to Buy Best WordPress Themes?

One should always buy a WordPress theme from a reputed company in the area and should preferably have multiple WordPress Themes in their shop. This will help you to make a comparison between available themes, their features, prices and various other factors before buying the one finally.

So, if you have made up your mind to buy one readymade WordPress theme to create your own blog, then we are listing here top three players who provide majority of  themes in the market and you will find most of the blog using them. While some of their themes are versatile and generic in nature i.e. can be suited to any type of blog, on the other hand they have some very specific theme suited to special requirements like news based blog, photo blog, entertainment blog, e-commerce blog etc.

So, if you know what do you want from your blog, then you can visit the below top three players to search and buy the one meeting your needs;

DIY Thesis Theme

Studiopress Themes


Do let us know if you have any further queries or need help in choosing and buying the theme.

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