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What to Gift to your Friends on Friendship Day August 2013

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If you are looking for special deals for the gifts which you want to buy for your loved ones on the occasion of Valentine’s day and/or friendship days, then you will find quite a lot of beneficial information below. We have shortlisted merchants who are offering special Valentine’s /friendship day gift deals with heavy discounts and cash backs on online purchases. Most of these are well reputed names in the online shopping and hence you can go ahead without any worries.


Special Friendship Day 2013 Gift Deals and Cash backs on Gadgets

Flipkart is offering special high discounts and cash backs on selected items (gadgets, music, movies and more) as a part of special Valentine’s day gift deals. The discounts being offered are as high as 30% and /or cash backs of around Rs. 800 and more. They are even offering some items as to be pre-ordered for the Valentine’s day. You will have to pre-book these items as they are limited and carrying heavy discounts. Pre-ordered items are not available for immediate delivery but these will be released only in mid-February i.e. during Valentine’s day period. You can avail of this special offer to gift mobile phones, mobile accessories, music players, FM players, digital cameras etc. If you are looking for cheaper options then you can even go for books, movie DVDs, basic models of mobile phones and accessories.

Click Here to get these gadgets and more under special Valentine’s day deals to gift it to your loved ones.

Friendship Day 2013 Deals and Discounts on Mobile Accessories, MP3 Players

Rediff shopping has also released their special range of gadgets and accessories for the Valentine’s day gifts. They have classified the range separately for male and females such that gadgets being offered for “her” will have some feminine characteristics like colour, size, shape etc. The gadgets which are available on special high discounts for the Valentine’s day gifts include MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, speakers, Green Laser pointer valentines day special, kindles, headphones, portable DVD players etc.

Click here to avail the special valentine’s day offers on the above gadgets and more.

Mobile and Electronics Less than $100 with Discounts up to 65%

Amazon is famous internationally and people from world over use it to make their online purchases. They keep on offering some great deals on various products on all the special occasion. So, on the occasion of Valentine’s day, they have also released special deals on various products including mobile and electronics, music, movies, toys and many more.  They have released special deals on mobile and electronics range priced less than $100. The discounts being offered under this are as high as up to 65%. However, most of these items are being booked and sold quite in advance and hence, they tend to go out of stock so soon. You can still try your luck though.

Click here to buy gadgets and other valentine’s day special deals from amazon.

Friendship Day and Clearance Sale Deals on Gadgets and Fashion Accessories (Discounts up to 50%)

You can buy gadgets, fashion accessories and many more items at a discount of up to 50% on the occassion of valentine’s day from FutureBazaar. They are also famous for offering various products on special clearance sale under which items are sold at exceptionally high discounts though for a short time only. So, when you think of buying anything online from Future Bazaar for the Valentine’s day, you must browse their clearance sale section. You may find something best at most cheapest rate for your loved ones.

Click here to avail the special valentines’s day and clearance sale deals from FutureBazaar.

Grab Auction based deal on Gadgets

If want to buy a gadget at a throw away price, then you can try grabdeal’s auction based portal wherein you can start by buying a bid pack of Rs. 100 only. This enables you to buy very expensive products and gadgets at a very low or negligible prices.

Click here to register for auction and start buying gadgets at throw away prices.

How to Buy and Avail Special friendship day August 2013 Gift Deals

You can use the above links to buy and avail of these special valentine’s day and/or friendship day deals and gift to your loved ones. Most of the above merchants do offer cash on delivery, credit/debit card and other modes  of payment. Some of the items may be available under free shipping while some others may be paid shipping. Many of them do also offer money back guarantee and warranty on products. So please read the details fully so as to understand what fits you best.

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