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Software Utility to Automate the Mouse and Keyboard Actions

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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is the software utility that helps you to automate the mouse and keyboard actions without any manual interventions. For example, for activities like software installations, playing games or any other such activities requiring constant and repeatedly clicking by mouse at some point on the screen. The software allows you to even input predefined text automatically.


You can create, edit and optimize the mouse and keyboard actions and schedule the tasks. The automatic clicking on the screen will be based on locating a small picture on the screen.


Other features of the Automatic Mouse and Keyboard software includes, setting the playing speed, creating a for loop, using cut/copy/paste, creating and compiling scripts to EXE and playing the scripts randomly. You can even view the execution log to know if the task /process was successful or not. There is an option to automatically shutdown the computer after the task /script has been completed.

However, the software do come with a cost. But you do have an option to download a free trial version to try the limited features.

You can download the Automatic Mouse and Keyboard software from here.

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