Social networking sites are getting banned?

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No doubt social networking sites have simplified our lives for better but don’t you think that we have made ourselves completely dependent on social networking sites for communication needs? Think deeply and then you will realize the real consequences of these sites. Recent concerns are grabbing the attentions of many. So far, so many suicidal cases have been registered till yet and the reason of course is ‘impact of social networking sites’.

Ban on social networking sites
Accessing Social networking for minor is illegal

Teenagers today are becoming more addicted towards this latest technology for several reasons. Even for completing the homework, they don’t use their mind instead surf the internet and copy paste the answer as it is. They no longer use their brain to complete their tasks and assignments.

Social Networking sites to be banned

Not only this, there are several other cases where teenagers are found addicted towards these social networking sites. Some of them also include cases related to cyber bullying and break down of communication which ultimately results into the growing suicidal cases.  Shantanu’s case is among one of the major concerns of the society at large. Before committing suicide he has posted his scrap on the Facebook which reads ‘Bye everyone…I will miss you…I quit’ has created havoc in the world.

Everyone is shocked by this impromptu suicide of the teenager. Nobody has even expected this from a boy who is very bright in his studies. The post went viral on the social networking sites. Initially his friends thought that he might be joking by posting such kind of comments on Facebook profile but when they learnt about Shantanu’s death they sent several condolence posts.

Social Networking sites and alarming issues
78% of teenagers commits suicide because of social networking sites

This case is enough for all of to know about the dire effects of social networking sites. Research revealed that there are about 78% of teenagers who ends their life either by cyber bullying or by the breakdown in communication.

Considering this thing in mind, Delhi High court recently issued a notice against Facebook and Google and asked them to respond as soon as possible. The court also asked the central government to respond on the minor’s exposure towards the social networking sites. The government strictly asked them how a child below 18 years of age group can create his/her online account.

The government said that teenagers who are below the age of 18 years are not allowed to create their online profile and if they do so then they are liable to get punishment under the provisions of Indian Penal Code. Their parents might also suffer the consequences if children are found accessing such sites.

With such a reformatory step government has once again proved that it is working for the welfare of society. By considering these teenagers to be the future of our country government has really taken the initiative to build the incredible Indians.

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