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Smartur Mangalyaan App to Click a Selfie with Indian Mangalyaan

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smartur-app-mars-3d-viewAs India’s historical Mars Orbiter Mission, which will enter its last lap on the September 24th that is after two days a Hyderabad guy named Neeraj Jewalkar has created a much easy way as a 3D application known as the Smartur Mangalyaan Application.

This is the best way to create awareness about the mission what it is and how will it look with the help of three dimensional view of the spacecraft and rocket launcher to be seen. The technology used is known as the augmented reality, which will help in giving all the users of Android Phone users and iOS mobile devices to click a selfie with Indian Mangalyaan, which is due to land on Mars planet next week.

One can participate and experience in India’s most important space programme milestone where the Smartur app will help in giving almost a real experience of seeing the object, which is Mangalyaan in their environment they are living in. With the help of the app, you can participate to click, upload and share the innovative pictures which you think looks like Mangalyaan is lifting off from their hands or any innovative imagination you think hits the mind.

All you have to do to participate is to download the Smartur app for free on your mobile phone and take a print out of the marker. A marker is important because that will help the model the Mangalyaan to be played in reality in right way. Once you did both of these, you can see the real feel of being with the Mangalyaan and enjoy the precious moment which till date you saw just in any planetarium place.

So don’t wait for the moment because this is the right moment to participate in one of your so-called small yet big dream to become the reality. Grab your Phone, download the app, do the needful and let your picture Selfie collection have one unique picture of selfie with the Mangalyaan.

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