Smart TV that can interact with you

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It seems world is getting smarter is that and so is our technology. Some days back we gave you the information about the arrival of smart watches in the market and now the latest buzz is that smart TV’s are going to dominate the market scenario soon. If the reports are to be believed, technological improvement will make your viewing experience smarter. Earlier we have only heard of Smart TV’s having various features and applications more specifically games. But now, the outlook of Smart TV has gained the level of advancement.

After Smart Phone Now its Smart TV

High-end Smart TV for Smart People

Not only you can change the channels through this Smart TV but also play games on it. Recently Samsung has launched its first TV sets with 1.3 GHz quad-core processor in 46, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes. The main feature of this commanding processor is that it allows a user to open multiple app at a time. That means downloading app and video streaming facilities are faster in Samsung’s newly launched TV sets. Not only this you can make a call via Skype in between watching your favorite program.


However, the other attractive feature in this Smart TV is that viewer can give verbal commands to switch over from one app to another just by speaking out its name. This is such an amazing thing that your Smart TV set can hear your voice and act as per your orders.

Interestingly, this Smart Interaction feature also provides facilitates like zooming in with two hand motion and selects the volume control with a grab motion etc. to the viewers.  The amazing thing of this Smart TV is that user can log in to Smart hub just by standing in front of the TV’s in-built camera.  Now stop yelling on your TV sets because now they can hear you.

Touch pad remote control system

The Touch power feature substitutes the numeral keys on the remote with a touch pad like Mobile Phones. In this touch pad remote control system user can write the channel number of his choice. The dual view allows you to watch two things parallel, one on TV set and other on your smart phone.

Samsung Smart TV

This is not the first time when Samsung is trying to chase its competitor by presenting the smartest product in the market. If you look into the graph rate of Samsung, you can easily make out that this brand is actually leading the global market. After Smart Phones and Tablets, now Samsung is ready to impress its consumers with its Smart end TV sets.

Samsung Smart TV facilitating the powerful features like voice command, playing games, watching two programs simultaneously, connection of two devices at a time etc. surely going to create havoc in the virtual world.

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