Secure your Smartphone with Android’s Top Antivirus Apps

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Gone are the days when the security threat from hackers or virus was restricted to computers; Smartphones are new in the league. These days’ people normally follow the method of synchronizing their mobile devices with PC for seamless use. Hence, all personal and professional information including emails, documents, videos, photos, etc. gets stored on mobile which certainly needs to be protected. Here comes the role of Antivirus softwares which will not let hackers succeed in their task. Going with the age old axiom ‘Prevention is better than cure’; let’s protect our most prized possession with best antivirus apps.

Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

With lots of free antivirus apps available in Android market, it’s very difficult to pick the best apps but not to worry as we have eased your tension by listing the top antivirus software. Let’s explore the 10 best antivirus apps.

1. AVG Antivirus App

AVG Antivirus android App

The most important feature of this app is its user interface and real time scanning to protect from viruses, which makes this app popular among Android users. It runs an automatic scan and if found any threat, vulnerable settings or apps, it offers a way to secure the same. AVG Antivirus app is equipped with a feature of tracking and controlling the lost/stolen device through Google Maps and provides the facility of locking or erasing personal information. One of the major drawbacks of this free app is that it is advertisement supported and some of the features such as call filtering or data backup are missing.
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2. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! Mobile Security

It’s quite a popular antivirus app which can execute a number of tasks other than protecting your device from security threats. The two most important security utilities of this app are ‘Firewall’ and ‘Anti-theft’ feature. Firewall, as we all know prevents virus attacks but this feature needs a rooted device to work on. Similarly, Anti-theft feature will work much better on a rooted device through which a user can remotely access their stolen/lost phone.
‘Web shield’ is another feature of this app which protects the data on phone by scanning each URL and warns about any potential threat whereas Application Management feature acts as a task killer. Like AVG, this app runs an automatic scan to detect virus or threat and afterwards switch to real-time scanning. One more amazing feature of this app is ‘SMS and Call filter’ which will obstruct incoming or outgoing calls from private or unwanted numbers.

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3. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

This is the most downloaded app and quite famous among Android users. Some of the features are similar to AVG or Avast, such as, giving real-time protection to the device and tracking and finding missing phone. The missing phone can be accessed remotely and one can turn on the ringtone/alarm even if the phone is on silent mode. Users can also plan the scans either on daily or weekly basis and can scan several softwares at the same time.
The best part of this app is its user interface and its streamlined features focusing on essentials. Also, the feature of SIM change alert is quite incredible wherein if someone puts their SIM card in your phone, it will instantly warn you about the change and help in detecting the location and new number. One major downside of this app is that it takes too much battery power and some premium features such as secure internet browsing or remote lock function, etc. are offered only in paid version of this app.
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4. BitDefender Mobile Security

BitDefender Mobile Security

This app has lots of features to keep our mobile safe and protected. Anti-theft function of this app helps in locating and controlling the device remotely and even has the function of locking the device and erasing data history. Other than softwares or applications, this antivirus scans the media card for any virus and also offers web security by issuing warning signal from visiting malicious websites.
The only drawback of this app is that it does not have ‘SIM change alert’ feature and its Firewall feature only works on Android’s default browser.
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5. Webroot Security & Antivirus

Webroot Security & Antivirus for smartphones

It’s the yet another top antivirus software in the market with incredible features to protect user’s device from malicious attacks. It is a kind of all-in-one software which has almost every feature required by user to keep his mobile secure such as real-time scanning, SIM lock, locating missing or stolen device, blocking malware and SMS spasms.
The only limitation it has is that sometimes the performance is slowed down on lower-end android phones, particularly, where the software is used on an old or underpowered 800MHz processor.
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6. Norton Security Lite

Norton Security Lite mobile

This well-known and recognized antivirus software has the main benefit of detecting the lost or stolen device with anti-theft and anti-loss protection feature. Other features of this app are more or less same just like the other antivirus softwares have, such as, free virus threat protection; remote lock & data removal feature, filtering unimportant calls and message, etc. This user-friendly app is considered as one of the most excellent antiviruses for providing absolute protection to your android phone.
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7. Quick Heal Mobile Security

Quick Heal Mobile Security

Quick heal mobile security safeguard our devices by identifying possible virus threats and providing a real-time protection against the same, blocking unwanted calls or messages, preventing the loss of data and valuable information and also providing a back-up of data stored on the device. This app also helps in tracing the missing phone and the anti-theft application let user remotely access and lock the phone and eliminate the important data. With the call or SMS block feature, user can easily protect his phone from spam or scrap messages or emails.
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8. NetQin Security & Antivirus

NetQin Security & Antivirus

Apart from offering same standard features as other antivirus softwares do, NetQin offer some unique features such as ‘System optimization’ and ‘Traffic monitoring’. The ’System Optimization’ feature let the device work at optimum speed by automatically closing those apps which are of no use and cause unnecessary load on the performance of the device. Another feature ‘Traffic monitoring’ manages the data plan usage and ensures that users never go cross the monthly plan limit.
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9. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security

This app has a special feature called “Parental Control” exclusively designed for children to protect them from accessing any inappropriate content or software. It helps parents in spying on kid’s activities and actions whenever they are online by restricting the access to improper and inapt websites. The free version of this software has basic features but the paid version has better and more advanced features.
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10. Dr.Web Antivirus Light

Dr.Web Antivirus Light

It’s a simple antivirus app as it exclusively focuses on protecting the device from virus or malware threats by scanning the hidden/open files on the device and it lacks every standard features which all other softwares have. If by any chance any important file gets infected, you don’t have to remove it; you can move the infected file to quarantine where it can be repaired or reused, if possible.
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It’s really difficult to suggest which antivirus software tops the chart as each one is best in its own terms. Only you have to decide according to your needs whether you want one with fewer features or more features.

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