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Is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Region Block?

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If you are a fan of Samsung smart phones, then you must be aware of their all new technologies that they have introduced in the mobile technology. A Samsung smart phone has almost all new & unique applications which can attract the viewers. Samsung is one of the most successful brands in mobile industries because viewers become customers first, then customers become fan of it for its amazing features. When you are a fan of Samsung phones then you will definitely try to warm up your hands on their new phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

samsung galaxy note 3 unlock

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the phone you will like for its features and applications. At a same time, if you come to know that Samsung has made this phone regions block, that means, Samsung Note 3 can only be activate after purchase with the presence of the same regions SIM card.

Being a part of the globalization society, I can think that Samsung has made this technology against globalization where you have be within your own region to use this amazing smart phone. Why Samsung made this technology for the Galaxy Note 3? Is Samsung playing against the globalization?

Let’s first understand what exactly region block?

If you are based in India & your dad is working in U.S., then definitely he will prefer to buy a new smart phone for you on your next birthday from U.S. If he buys Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for you from U.S and coming to India to give you a surprise on your birthday with this mind blowing gift, then he has to first unlock that phone before presenting you. He can’t gift you that phone in India because that phone is region blocked. It will not accept the SIM card of India; it only accepts the SIM form the same region from where your dad bought that phone.

Why Samsung did this?

Samsung has its own value in terms of their brands and products. So, they made this phone region block to prevent the cheap marketization within the world to ensure the constant price distribution within the global market. So, if a person purchase Galaxy Note 3 in U.K and if he wants to sell in the China market, then I am sorry you can’t do that.

What can you do the phone which is region blocked?

In this fast paced world each and every individual is busy and they have some amount of emergency in their life. So, if you have the region blocked Note 3 in your hand and travelling out of your region then you can’t access the mobile data network, but you can make emergency calls and can use other offline applications.

What Samsung says on this?

Samsung has made a statement to clear the confusion among its customers & fans, that they did this to prevent the illegal marketization of that phone in the cheap markets. They made this to protect Samsung brand value and image in terms of its price, features, technology etc. They know that it can make its customers angry but they are quite concern about their new regulation and they told Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II etc. others phone are also going to have same blocking features very soon.

So, what is the last hope for us?

My dear friends don’t get upset cause this is not the end of the world and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You still have a chance to make this phone usable in every part of the world. You need to understand the blocking system. Samsung told its customers that initially the hone has region block, but once you activate your phone with the same region’s SIM card, later no need for you to think about its region blocks feature, because it will unlock the region block feature and then you can use that phone anywhere in the world with the presence of any region’s SIM card.

 So, my dear friends enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 anywhere in the world once you unlock it first time with the same region’s SIM card.

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