Safety Mobile Apps to Send Emergency SOS Help Alerts [Eyewatch]

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Eyewatch is the most recent addition to the list of safety related mobile apps to send emergency SOS alerts in case of any danger or emergency situation. This application has been launched just today and works quite well with BlackBerry, Android and Nokia Symbian S60 smartphones. Another version for iPhone is being developed. Mobile users can use the Eyewatch app to fight against incidents of molestation or attacks on women, any security threat for men and women and even in accidents. It can even be helpful in case of any medical emergencies, ragging in colleges, terrorist attacks and even during any natural calamities.


Eyewatch Features – Safety Mobile App to send Emergency SOS Alerts

To use the Eyewatch application, mobile user has to download it and set the ERC (Emergency Response Contacts) numbers which can be contacted in case of emergency. You can set up to 10 numbers as ERC. In case of any danger or security threat, user has to press the send alert button and phone will send the alert messages, images,  audio, video to all the people registered as ERC. The application can be used even while moving in lift or car. There are many more features like to send alerts via SMS and email as well to the ERC users, notify about the location and live tracking, auto call connect, alert view and safety confirm.

The emergency alerts can even be sent to the family doctor, police and lawyer. There is a provision to record and send the last conversation that happened on the device along with the alerts along with the automatically generated photos and video streams. User’s location is also tracked with the help of multiple geo-locating methods.

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How to Download Eyewatch – Safety Mobile App to send Emergency SOS Alerts

You can download the Eyewatch from here. The basic version is free to download and use.

However, to download, you will first need to create a user account and register yourself for Free. As a part of registration, you have to provide the full name, email id, gender, DoB, mobile number and country. For ERC contacts, you will have to provide the mobile numbers and email IDs of the people you want to set up as an ERC and also provide their relation with you. After creating the account, you can add more details and information like residential address, medical details and employer details.

Once installed, this app can trigger multiple alerts, via SMS and email, to your selected emergency contacts such as family doctor, police, lawyer, etc. What’s more, pressing the panic button transmits the last conversation on the device along with an automatically-generated photo or video stream. Using multiple geo-locating methods, the user’s location is tracked even if the device is in motion.

Am sure, mobile apps like Eyewatch will prove to be a boon for the mobile users to send emergency SOS help alerts in case of any danger or security threat.

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