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Mobile App to Setup Reminder in Your Friends’ Phone

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In this age of smartphones, setting reminders is not a difficult task. You can set alarms and reminders that can remind you for a particular event or an appointment. Now, it has become even possible to setup reminders not only for yourself but for your friends as well. With Ring-a-bell app, you can setup alarms and reminders direclty in your friends’s phones. Though, your friend must also be a Ring-a-bell app user for this to function. However, if they are not then they will get an SMS with a link to download the app (when you setup a reminder for them).


What are various features of Ring-a-bell mobile app?

You can setup alarms and reminders for your friend or group of friends together. So, for example, if you have planned a movie out with your friends, then you can setup a reminder for all of them.

Ring-a-bell mobile app allows to setup reminders for friends in voice as well as text form.

The app provides enough privacy for you to block some one from setting up reminders for you.

User for whom reminder is being setup has all liberty to accept or reject it.

Download Ring-a-bell.

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