Bluetooth sharing! Resizable Live Tiles! With Windows Phone 7.8 update for Nokia Lumia

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Nokia is on its way to release a new Windows Phone 7.8 update for the Lumia seris of smartphones. This will help resolving many issues and improving the usability and performance further. Bluetooth sharing and flexibility to customize the home screen to fit more number of resizable live tiles are some of the improvement, the Nokia Lumia smarphone owners can expect. The Windows phone 7.8 update will be made available soon for Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Lumia 610 models. Users will get the notifications on their Nokia Lumia windows phones as and when the update is released and become available to the users for download.


How to check if Windows Phone 7.8 updates are available for my phone?

The availability of the windows phone 7.8 update for Nokia Lumia phones  may vary depending on your phone model, region, and network service provider or carrier. Below is what you can do to get notifications about new updates:

On your Nokia Lumia, go to Settings, and tap phone update.

Switch Notify me when new updates are found on.

If you want to allow your phone to check for available updates using your mobile data connection, switch Use my mobile data connection to check for updates on.

Alternatively, you can also check for the availability of software updates in your region from the links in the navigation.

How to Download and Update Nokia Lumia Phone with new version (7.8)

To download the updated, you will need to connect the phone with the computer with a USB cable. For this, you will  need either a Zune software (on windows based computers) or Windows Phone app ( for Mac).

Once you have either of the above, you just need to start the software and follow the instructions.

Please ensure, your phone has enough battery power and is set to correct date and time for the update to download and install without any problems.

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