Read Kindle Books without Buying Kindle

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You all know that Kindle is a device to read eBooks. Various Kindle devices or eBook readers are available in the market today. However, you can read Kindle books without ever buying a device. There are certain free kindle reading apps that make it possible to read your favorite kindle books on your iPhone, PC or MAC. These free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, PC or MAC allows you to access and read kindle books exactly in the same way as you would do on a normal kindle device. These are mostly Free apps which can be used for iPhone/ iPad, PC or MAC. You can even get to read the book sample pages before you decide to buy the complete book.

Free Kindle Reading Apps for iPhone

This is a free kindle reading apps quite suitable for an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It required iOS3.0 and above. Currently it is available in English as well as German languages.

Click here to download kindle for iPhone from Apple’s iTunes.


Main Features of Kindle for iPhone app

This kindle for iPhone app has really got some very exciting features which makes your experience of reading kindle books on an iPhone as good as on kindle device.

  • You can read more than 950000 kindle books on your iPhone without buying a kindle. You can also more than 100 newspapers and magazines.
  • Synchronize last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlights across various devices.
  • Share content from within this app with your Facebook and Twitter followers and friends.
  • Dictionary word look up and as well as Google and Wiki look up from within the app.

Kindle Cloud Reader – Read Kindle book within Web Browser

Now, you can very well read your kindle books within web browser using Kindle cloud reader. This app allows you to read your favorite kindle books instantly from anywhere and everywhere. Currently, you can access Kindle cloud reader web app only from Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Support for other browsers may get added in future. This kindle cloud reader web app allows you to continue reading even when you lose the web connection. Click here to access Kindle cloud reader.

Kindle for PC App – Read Kindle Books on PC

You can use Kindle for PC app to read kindle books on a windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 PC. Again, you don’t need to buy a kindle. This free kindle reading apps for PC app can work on any computer that has 500 MHz or faster Intel or AMD processor with a minimum of 128 MB RAM. To install this app, it requires a space of around 100 MB. The screen resolution should be minimum 800*600 or higher. Windows XP service pack 2 or higher should be installed for this free kindle reading apps for PC to work.


It has most of the featuers already described above in Kindle for iPhone app with the only exception that kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs are not available in Kindle for PC app.

Click here to download Kindle for PC app from.

Kindle for Mac App – Read Kindle books on a Mac PC

Kindle for Mac app is an application to read kindle books on a Mac PC or computer. System requirement is 500 MHz processor with minimum 512 MB RAM. It works on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion). Click here to download the free Kindle reading apps for Mac.

Just like a Kindle for PC app, this Mac app also doesn’t support Kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs.


Free Kindle Reading Apps for BlackBerry

This free kindle reading apps for BlackBerry shares most of the features as other apps mentioned above. However, this free kindle reading apps for BlackBerry is not yet available for non-USA customers. To download this apps from your BlackBerry, just type the following in your BlackBerry browser;

Else, click here to download this from Amazon. Please note, you may need to sign up before you can download it from Amazon.


Free Kindle Reading App for Android

The kindle reading apps for Android requires Android OS 2.1 or higher. Apart from the above mentioned features, this kindle apps provides personalized recommendations from Kindle for the Android home screen. It also provides refined and improved full color images newspaper and magazines layout specific for tablet devices. It enables you to read in any mode – portrait or landscape. To turn pages, you just need to tap either side of the screen.

Click here to download this free kindle reading apps for Android.


Most of these free kindle reading apps enable users to read kindle books without buying the kindle reader. All of these apps mostly do share the same features that are described above in Kindle for iPhone section.

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