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Steckt.Evi Virus Alert : How to Protect from “Facebook Chat” Virus Threat

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Steckt.Evi is the name of the new virus that spreads via Facebook chat application. It makes use of person-to-person IM /Chat pop-up window to spread and infect the user’s machine. It pop-ups in a window with a harmless looking link which appears from one of your friend with his message. This makes the user to believe it easily and click on the link. Once clicked, the first thing it does is disabling of the installed anti-virus and anti-malware programs on the users computer. Then, it can spreads further with quite an ease. In the similar way, it makes  use of those present in user’s friends list to propagate further using Facebook’s instant messaging system.

facebook chat virus steckt.Evi

How to Protect from Steckt.Evi Facebook Chat & Other Virus Infections

To protect yourself from Steckt.Evi Facebook chat virus, you must follow the below mentioned precautions. As a matter of fact, you can and should follow the same precautionary steps to protect yourself from other virus and malware attacks that happen via Facebook.

  • Never ever click any unknown link that you may get on Facebook. Such link containing virus infections may reach you via direct message, a status update or even via chat/IM application (as in Steckt.Evi).
  • Don’t share your passwords with just anyone.
  • Prevent yourself from any phishing attacks. Double check the URL to be Facebook.com only and not something else.
  • Don’t leave your account logged on in any case. It could be misused by anyone.
  • Keep changing the Facebook password on regular intervals.
  • Opt-in to receive special communication official emails from Facebook as to get alert quite well in time. Pay special attention to the warning emails from Facebook.
  • Don’t befriend with strangers.
  • Double check before allowing and using any application and/or game on Facebook. A large number of apps could be source of infection.

Am sure, following the above preventive measure will help you to keep all virus and malware attacks away from your Facebook account.

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