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Pros and Cons of Commentluv Plugin

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Though I have already mentioned about benefits of using commentluv in my earlier posts on commentluv plugin and commenting on commentluv enabled blogs. I thought of listing them down along with the cons as well  here for an easy and quick reference for everyone’s benefit. If you also want to avail benefits of commenting on commentluv enabled blogs then you can refer to how to search commentluv enabled blogs and start commenting on those blogs. You will notice the difference within few days. However, do give extra care in providing the quality comments because otherwise, you may fail to draw attention of the visitors and may not be able to get the full benefits of commentluv. Following are some of the benefits of using commentluv plugin or enabling commentluv on your blog. Same can be hold true as the benefits of commenting on commentluv blogs.



Pros of using commentluv plugin

Following are the benefits of commentluv plugin or commenting on commentluv enabled blogs.

Increase in number of visitors or traffic

More and more people would like to comment on commentluv enabled blogs to derive the benefits for themselves. This will bring more visitors to your blog. More often, such visitors will also bookmark your blog or will add your blog as favourit for future reference and will keep on returning quite often for commenting.

Increase in comments to your posts

Obviously, you will notice number of comments increasing substantially on your blog posts. It is not only about the number but you will also be able to know about positve and negative points of your posts and blog which will help you to improve it further. You will also tend to find a lot many ideas for your future post topic from these comments and feedback.

Your blog will become more popular

With lots of people looking for commentluv enabled blogs, then your blog’s popularity will increase automatically and it will mark a visibility in the blogosphere.

Increase in targeted traffic

We all know the importance of getting more targeted traffic over non trageted ones. It is because non-targeted ones doesn’t help you in anyway. More often, it may impact negatively for your blog. With comentluv, you will find more and more targeted visitors coming to your blog. This is obviously because of the fact that those visitors would also be intersted in leaving a comment on the blogs which belong to their niche.

Increase search engine ranking

Traffic, targeted traffic, visibility, more and more web reference in the form of links – these all points form the basic of an SEO and play a significant role in search engine ranking for your blogs. When you start deriving the above listed benefits, then search engine rankings and other SEO advantages are bound to happen automatically.

Cons of using commentluv plugin

However,as with everything there is negative or a downside of using commentluv plugin. Due to all the inherited benefits on how commentluv helps give you extra backlinks and hence more traffic to your site, it become a most sought after plugin. It also leads to more and more people searching specifically for commentluv enabled blogs so that they can have double benefit with a single shot.

Increase in spam comments

However,it is because of the same reason that it has become favourit among spammers and spam bots.So, the biggest downside of using this plugin will be nothing but increase in spam comments. You can see this as a small price you have to pay to claim so many benefits of using commentluv. It is not that difficult to manage this though. One can make use of anti-spam plugins or can even do some manual effort in kicking spam and spammers away. It is compartively easy to manage in wordpress and one can make use of plugins like Akismet and Conditional captcha to keep spam away. However, one must keep a close regular watch on the blog comments to find the spam.

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5 Thoughts to “Pros and Cons of Commentluv Plugin”

  1. Thanks for the Great article,nice

  2. Another disadvantage of having the plug in is that you have little control of your outgoing links. Too many outgoing links reduce the SEO value that page can pass to other internal pages of your website.

    1. Absolutely. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I found your blog by doing a search for comment luv + computers. I think this is a lot safer than using scrapebox or blog finder.

  4. I think the spammy comments outweigh the pros the plugin offers. I am considering to deactivate it on my blog.

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