10 Popular Photography Apps In Android

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Let your creative side come alive, by downloading the photography apps in android. If you like photography, then you must know about popular photography apps that are available in android. These applications not only allow you to capture the best photos but you can also edit and give cool effects. It helps in creating new ideas to enhance your imagination. Photography applications are available in free and paid version in the android market. To know more about popular photo applications, read on.

Paper camera: (Photography apps for Android)

It is the most popular photo app in the android market. It lets you give different photo effects to your pictures. The application supports different effects like sketch and bleach. The application also supports the cartoon feature. Take a picture and convert it into a cartoon. Many more effects can be used with the application. It is available for Rs 99 from the android market.

Paper camera: (Photography apps for Android)

Picsay photo editor: (Let your pics talk)

Picsay lets you create some cool effects with your existing pictures from the gallery. You can select a picture and add a caption. It also lets you add different color and merge effects in the picture. There are many more effects such as age and fade that can be used in the pic say photo editor. The application is fun and can be downloaded for free from the android market. Picsay photo editor: (Let your pics talk)

Picasa mobile:

If you are a regular user of picasa website then this application is for you. The application is the mobile version of picasa website. It lets you directly upload pictures through your mobile. It lets you download the whole album from the web account. It also helps you update the album at once. New albums can be created with the picasa application. It is available at a price of Rs 48 from android market.

Picasa mobile: popular photography application android

Photo effects: (Adds effects to pictures)

The application lets you create different photo effects in your picture. The application supports more than 40 different photo effects. The photo effects include holga, fish eye thermal and other effects. It lets you directly update and upload all the pictures on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The application is available for free from android market.

Photo effects: (Adds effects to pictures) android

HDR camera: (HD camera)

This high quality resolution camera app can let you take all the pictures with crystal clear quality. The application supports real HD exposure with a single tap feature. The app supports tone-mapping parameter with micro contrast. The application also supports location tagging and flash feature for perfect click. The application is available at a price of Rs 196.

HDR camera: (HD camera)

Night vision camera: (For night click)

The application is good for night vision. It supports adjustable light sensitivity that gives clear picture at night. The application lets you control the camera flash that helps to provide compete visibility. The application supports the front camera interface. The application is a good add on for your existing picture support and is available free.

Night vision camera: (For night click) android apps

Quick pic:

The application lets you store all your pictures in one folder. Unlike the gallery, browsing feature of the application is quick. The application lets you include or exclude photos. The application lets you rotate, shrink or even crop photos. The application supports different file management features that include sorting, creating and coping. It also lets you arrange animated images. It is freely available in the android market.

Quick pic: android mobile apps

Beauty camera: (For perfect picture)

The application is for those people who like their photo to be perfect. The application helps to hide all your facial flaws. It supports brightness, tones down the quality of the picture taken. It lets you save new images, and use the pictures in sharing. The app lets you share the pictures with face book and twitter. It is a perfect app if you want a perfect pic. The app is available free from the android market.

Beauty camera: (For perfect picture)

Touch retouch:

The application is good for editing the pictures. It lets you remove any unwanted object or objects from pictures. It supports undo and redo option that lets you create a perfect picture. The application also lets you recover the original background. The application lets you create pictures without any distortion. It is available in android market for Rs. 48.

Touch retouch: photo editing apps android

My sketch: (For pic sketch)

Click a photo and convert it into a sketch with the application. It gives you perfect results for sketch. It lets you adjust different colors. The application let you share your sketched pictures with social platforms. The application supports more than 20 different sketch themes. The application is available for Rs.88 from android store.

My sketch: (For pic sketch)

Download Photography Apps for Android – Edit Photos, Add Effects

All the above apps can be downloaded from the android market.

So, have fun with these photography apps and capture the best photo shots and give cool and stunning effects to your photo collections.

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