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How to Ping Your Website from 50 Locations Simultaneously

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Website Ping is done to check your blog or website’s accessibility from a particular location. There are many online Ping services available that you can use to check if your website /server is reachable. They also inform you about any packet loss. However, most of these online Ping services allow you to ping the website or server only from one particular location. So, to check your website’s accessibility, you may have to check via different Ping sites which pings from different geographical regions of the world. However, now you can do a Ping to your website from more than 50 different locations of the world simultaneously from one site.


Use WatchMouse to Ping a Website from 50+ Locations of World Simultaneously

WatchMouse is one such online Ping service which you can use to check your site or server’s accessibility from 50+ locations of the world simultaneously at the same time with a single click.

Simply go to this link and put the domain of your website (e.g. in the field provided and click Start. You will be able to see the result of the Ping from 50+ locations in the table with all the fields getting populated along with IP address. You will also be able to know if any of the location’s ping service is not working.

Know if Your Site is Accessible in China or Blocked

Using above service, you can also know if your website is accessible from china or blocked. It is because they do have Shanghai, China as one of the Ping monitoring location and you can find it in the results table.

You can try WatchMouse to ping your website and see if it is accessible from all 50 locations including china or not.

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