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About HackTik

HackTik is a technology blog where I write about any thing related to technology. By technology, I don’t mean that my blog is for some hardcore engineers or techno-professionals. Technology on my blog – HackTik would make sense to even a layman (and laywomen) as well :-). Unlike few years back, today every one of us uses technology in whatever way. The biggest usage has come in terms of computers, internet and related website, products, applications. Not to forget, the great tool of mankind – Mobiles  (from basic mobile phones to smartphones). So, today we have largest share of people using technology in whatever way. That’s what the topic of my technology blog – technology for everyone.

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It’s not very hard to guess now what I should be writing about. It is obviously the latest tech news and updates happening in technology domain. It could be some new gadget launch – mobile, iphone, world’s cheapest computer or tablet PC or any other gadget. Well, when you have gadget then you would obviously need applications to use and support. So I do review apps along with gadgets. Unfortunately, I don’t get to use all the gadgets myself to write about. But then it is based on detailed research about the product’s technical specifications, features, prices and even comparison with their close competitors and rivals.

Moving from gadgets and apps, I also write about basics of blogging. That also includes my personal experience in blogging and usage of different blogging tools.

Google happens to be the first page or site for most of us when we logon to internet. This is what the impact of Google on everyone’s life today. Google is no longer a mere search engine – it has got host of other products which most of use (many of us  may not even aware of that). So, obviously, I do write about anything related to Google – be it search or any other google products and services including Gmail, google docs and even Google plus.

When it comes to using technology, Social media or Social networking is just that one thing which has the largest percentage of people worldwide using it on daily basis. So, I do write about social media and networking – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other networking site and related products.

To make it simple and fast, I also write about SEO tips, general tech tips and tricks, WordPress, Hosting, Themes and Plugins. Since, many of us use internet to download some free stuff and software. So, Free downloads is the section where you will find all the details about software, utilities, tools, games and funny software and apps which can be downloaded for free.


There is nothing more valuable to us than our readers and followers’s comments, suggestions and feedback. If you want to provide any feedback, suggestion, report any technical or non-technical issues or even want to say Hi, please contact us. In any case, please do consider the following options to keep in touch with us 24/7.

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