Now you can type on Smartwatch

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Keyboard like Interface in Smart Watch

We have been reading and hearing about the arrival of smart watches to dominate the market scenario. Various companies are like Sony, Apple, pebble etc. coming up with the high-end smart watches to allure the prospective buyers.  Every brand is giving another brand a tough competition by poking their nose into the drawbacks of each other’s watch.

Cut-throat competition to present high-end watches

Most remarkably, how the smart watch functions, how will they replace the smart phones, how can we type on these touch screen watches to send the messages. These are the possible areas which are gaining the importance these days by the brands that are planning to launch their high-end smart watches.

Research conducted on analyzing the existing problem

Various brands with Smart Watches

A research team at Carnegie Mellon is studying hard to create a keyboard like interface so that a user can easily type the message on a small screen. However, in a phone it is very easy to type the characters because of bigger screen resolution; on the other hand, typing in a small screen is very difficult. But it seems that this problem is going to solve very soon. Credit goes to the research team at Carnegie Mellon who analyzed the prospective problems of the user and is working on the designing of keyboard like interface to make typing easier.

Do you know about interactive Smart TV?

Dubbed Zoomboard is an efficient Solution

With the help of Dubbed ZoomBoard, software by which a user can zoom into the letters and can more accurately chooses the suitable character according to the requirement. For that a user need to follow some steps, firstly, tap on the letter you want to choose, this will help in zooming the keyboard.

The keys will appear in a large font in front of you, from the enlarged set of letters you can select the appropriate one. Apart from it, formatting the characters and symbols are also accessible on ZoomBoard. If you want to delete a character you just need to swipe left or right. In order to add a space you need to do the same thing i.e., you swipe either in left direction or in right.  While to add punctuation marks and symbols you have to swipe up and grip a letter for a second to capitalize it.

Keyboard interface in Smart Watch

The research team explained that you’ll be able to type around 10-12 words a minute without making much error. We can easily say that ZoomBoard is the one which seems like an efficient solution in making the impossible, possible.

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