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Now you can scan your child!

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We must say that technology is getting smarter these days! From smart phones to smart watches, every little thing in this high-tech world is getting smart. How about if we tell you that the smartness of technology has reached the level where no one has ever dreamt of? Yeah! Recent reports revealed an appalled result about digital world. Now you can scan your kids with the recently discovered smart device. It will also recite the bed time stories and lullabies to your kids. Shocked? We too have sensed the shock when we discovered out this news. Technology has not even spared our kids. It has already sneaked into our little kid’s pajamas equipped with QR codes that will facilitate a link to lullabies and bed time stories.

It’s time to scan your child – Smart Technological devices

It will give directions to the kids just like parents. “It’s time for bed, Tommy. Brush your teeth, put on your PJs, and let’s scan you.”
According to an online portal’s report these Smart PJs are referred as the worlds “first and only interactive pajamas.” To function in a smooth manner smart PJ’s need to download a free app for iOS or Android based system and search dozens of codes from the Smart PJs with the help of a Smartphone or tablet. The device then will be able to recite bedtime stories, lullabies and broadcasts pictures associated to their bedtime mood and stories.

scan your kids technology

Smart PJs founder Juan Murdoch told a renowned media company that deals with tech news that, “We purposely created Smart PJ’s with the scannable dot patterns all over them so that parents can help the child scan the stories on their backs where they can’t reach.”  “We also put words to all the stories and animal information on the screen so that parents can turn off the volume and help the child learns to read the stories and words themselves,” added Murdoch.

How to buy Smart PJ’s [Worlds first and only interactive pajamas]

For all those parents who are thinking about buying these smart pajamas for their kids, smart pajamas will cost around 25$ and made up of cotton stuff. These PJ’s will be available in four sizes for boys and girls.

Worlds first and only interactive pajamas
Worlds first and only interactive pajamas

The smart jammies join several other QR-coded clothes in the marketplace which includes T-shirts that link back to the wearer’s social-networking reports.

The promotional video of the product says, “Now your child will be excited to go to bed.” However the drawback of this smart device is that it can really disturb the sleeping patterns of your child as staring at the gadget for so long can cause a sleep pattern disorder in them.

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