Now you can pinch your phone!

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There was a time when people had the keypad system to operate their cell phones. Now, look at the technological developments. People no longer carry cell phones having numeral keypad system. Touch screen is the world where users fit themselves comfortably. The advent of touch screen phones played a very important role in changing the outlook of virtual world.

Boom in touch screen world

Touch world has now achieved a level of success and basic needs of the people. Don’t you guys think so? Let us ask you a simple question. How many of you use traditional keypad handsets? Hardly one-fourth or may be lesser than that. That’s exactly what we are trying to say. Touch screen phones are growing at a very faster pace. People are living with the touch screen technology happily.

Elastic Phone touch screen

The increasing demands of touch screen phones have resulted in a creation of another most amazing feature in touch phones. Now you all will soon get to feel the elasticity in touch screen phones. Previously, people used to complain that they are not getting the good feeling while touching the screen of their phones because of the flat surface of their phone’s screen.

But now, gone are the days when people crib on such issues. If latest tech news is to be believed then very soon you guys are able to pull and push the screens of your mobile phones. The courtesy goes to MIT’s Media Lab, as their on-going project aims to put tangible feeling back into using your devices.

Sense the reality of 3D world through ‘Obake’

The elastic touchscreen, nicknamed Obake, was created by the professionals of MIT’s Media Lab, Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley. The aim of this project will focus in making the interactive display on elastic surface, which will allow user to pull or push the display.

However, other interesting things is that while using actuators, depth cameras and silicone screens you can actually sense the reality of 3D world. That is, this prototype screen will enable you to measure your actions precisely so that it can operate the elastic surface accordingly.

The Obake has been labelled as a 2.5D interface. It features an elastic touch pad with its display projected on top rising to the 3D surface you can pull or poke.

Possesses water like properties

In contrast to a traditional touchscreen, the silicon display senses push and pull effort using its depth camera, whereas actuators grip and outline the screen to match user’s gesticulations.

It possesses the properties of flexibility and suppleness like water and thus help user in pinching the touch screens. Let’s wait and watch for this super technology to hit the global market. Surely, it is going to rock the tech world.

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