Nokia’s ‘smart’ take on Android based phones

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We all are aware of the Nokia’s down market value in the global market. The company tried its best to survive up to the expectations of the people but sadly it didn’t succeed. It launched several models in the category of Smart Phones but hardly able to attract buyers towards buying Nokia handsets. Once again Nokia has come up with the strategy to persuade prospective buyers.

Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501 giving fierce competition to Android phones

Nokia recently launched a new ‘smart’ feature phone named Asha 501. According to Nokia this ‘Smart’ phone is the first of a new generation of Asha phones as it is based on the new Asha Operating System.

Nokia Asha 501
Asha 501 available in several colors

By launching such a smart phone at a cheap price, Nokia is seriously chasing the battle in the field of Smartphone. Nokia’s Asha 501 is priced at Rs 5,300 and comes with a dual avatar that is Asha 501 is available in Single and Dual SIM variant. It has a display of about 2.8 inches and is entirely based on touch screen technology. It is the best option for those who cannot afford those high-end priced Smart Phones. However, the phone does not have 3G connectivity hence; the users will have to stick to the traditional 2G browsing option. But it is not that the brand will not introduce the 3G phone in the market in the category of Asha. Nokia has announced that it will work on 3G Asha phone and will soon introduce them into the market.

Nokia Asha 501
High-end smart phone with touch screen

Similar to its earlier launched phones, Asha 501 is available in numerous colors and will support various apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.  Nokia’s Asha 501 is inspired by the Lumia series and thus possesses almost the same features as Lumia.

The phone has longer battery backup and can last for about 17 hours in talk time mode and 48 hours on standby mode per single charge. One more special feature in this newly launched phone is that users can purchase the apps according to their need; bill will be added to their phone bills. So there is no need for an operator to download an app online by making online payment.

Nokia also proclaimed a global enterprise with Facebook and said that Asha 501 users on Airtel and MTNL will get the benefit to access social networking sites for free.

The general specifications of Nokia Asha 501 are given below:

Weight: 98 grams

Dimensions: 99.2 x 58 x 12.1 mm

Camera: 3.2 megapixels

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G

Internal memory: 128 MB

Expandable memory: Up to 32 GB (4GB micro SD card free with phone)

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