No Need to Remember your Login Details with Password Genie

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These days every one has more than one email Id, more than one accounts on social networking sites, multiple internet banking accounts, so on and so forth. On an average how many user ids and passwords does one gets to remember. Worst part is how do you remember so many user id and passwords. Well, many of you may be avoiding this by keeping the same user ids and passwords on all of their online accounts. Or else, many of you must be writing down your passwords somewhere on your note book or in  a file on your computer. Either, way its a big security risk as one can anticipate the amount of loss, trouble and what not if one loses his/her password or even worst, the account itself gets hacked due to not following strict procedure of either creating a complex enough password or some one is able to get access you your loosely secured passwords on your notebook or even in a file on your computer.


Now, there is way out to the above problem. The ultimate software utility Password Genie makes the job of passwords management quite easier for you. With Password Genie, you have to remember only the single password and that is of your Password Genie account. Rest all of your passwords are saved securely by Password Genie which you can access from anywhere. It also helps you in creation of an ultimate complex password for you if you so desire. With Password Genie, filling up user names and passwords each time you is a thing of the past. It does that by itself as soon as you try to access a login screen which has been accessed before with PasswordGenie.

Download Password Genie

Password Genie is not a Free software. However, you can download a trial version and can keep using it for 30 days. You can download it from the following link;

Features of Password Genie

Some of the interesting features of the Password Genie software are;

  • You can create a very complex and strong password.
  • Bookmarking of favorite websites.
  • Easy management and organization of the saved logins and bookmarks.
  • Easy access from multiple computers.
  • Option to have multiple users access.
  • You can easily import the saved login details.
  • With just one click, you can update the saved passwords.
  • 24/7 phone and chat support.

Hope, with Password Genie, you won’t have to trouble yourself in either remembering the passwords or fearing losing them altogether.

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