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The new fodder for the iPhone lovers – 5S and 5C!

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Here is the new supplement for the iPhone lovers!! Many fans and Apple lovers sat late night in many countries glued on to youtube and official Apple website, waiting for the official video launch to give them the first look and specifications of the new gadget of their dreams till the next surprise from iPhone arrives. The first surprise was launching two phones in a single go, breaking its good old tradition of one thing at a time.


Apple launched two phones – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Though coming from the same parent, these phones have their own different DNA. One is a sturdy yet sleek and professional 5S in colours like black, silvery white and a new golden hue, while the other is a more fun number that will be launched in varied bright colours made with plastic body. You will find this one at a, lower price than the 5S. I feel it is pertinent to mention at this point that the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C stands for ‘Colour’ and not ‘cheap’ (as people are assuming it to be).


The iPhone 5s also launched with the revolutionary ‘Touch ID’, answering all apprehensions about phone and data security in today’s scenario. It uses your finger prints to lock and unlock the phone through the home button itself that has a sensor embedded in it. It gives an option of saving 5 finger prints (one of each finger) and also allows you to buy and download various apps through the same. FYI – Your fingerprint information will only be stored on your phone and not be stored on Apple servers or the internet making it a secure bet.

The camera comes with an improved version – increased size of the image sensor to help capture clearer images in low lights. That answers your query of capturing your unforgettable memories with friends at pubs or a night out for that matter. Apple worked intensively on the speed of its new number by designing its 64-bit architecture with the new A7 processor. Added with a supportive M7 processor that is developed to take care of data collection from various other sensors, letting the main A7 processor smoothly maintains the basic standards of an iPhone. This one promises to offer a better battery backup than its previous versions showing the potential of 10 hour talk time, 10 hour LTE browsing and a whooping 250 hour standby, not to forget the 16GB storage, providing the options for 32 GB and 64GB as well, with an increasing price tag of course. Hopefully the promises done on paper will turn our successful in real life use, looking at Apple’s history of keeping their promises.

Let’s talk about the price after its alluring features that must have had you jumping in your chair by now. With the quality and features it offers, its price is sure to take a nice jump. The price would range from $649 to $849 depending upon the storage specifications that is roughly between Rs. 41,160 and Rs. 53,840 approx.

And the good news! The iOS 7 update is also available for the older existing versions of iPhones – including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, which is getting launched on 18th September 2013. Go on enjoy the new technology.

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