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New Features To Look Out For In WordPress 3.3

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WordPress 3.3 is finally updated. So, all you bloggers out there, get a hands on information to the new features of wordpress 3.3. There are host of new features in wordpress 3.3 that are user friendly. To know more about the features read on.

New features to look out for: WordPress 3.3

Smart media uploader has been updated in this version. This feature allows you to drag and drop a particular media file. As simple as it sounds, you can upload your media file within seconds. The feature allows you to drag and drop multiple files at a time, so it becomes handy to update your media blog.

Smart notification system has been introduced in wordpress 3.3. These notifications work on pointers. The pointers provide you with the information of a particular tool bar. It also alerts on new updates made in wordpress blog. The idea is to keep a blogger updated regarding all the new features of wordpress.

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A visible flyout menu lets you see the menu, even when you click the collapse button. This is an added feature in wordpress 3.3 update. You can easily use the flyout menu option and click the page you wish to go.


Updated features in wordpress 3.3

Admin bar is an updated feature in wordpress 3.3. It now features the drop down menu list, which helps in good navigation of the blog. There is a wordpress icon in the admin bar along with the support forum icon. So, you can also contact the support forum, if you have any issues regarding the word press blog.

The drop down menu also includes the codex link, which is again a handy feature. Admin bar is one improved feature to look out for in wordpress 3.3 updated version.

Better themes option is another feature to look for in wordpress 3.3. You can now install children themes in word press 3.3, which was not previously available in the theme section.

There are no performance issues in this updated version. Unlike previous versions, there will not be any problem related to changing of the theme. The updated version of wordpress 3.3 is looking good as of now.

If you are a wordpress blogger, do check out these features. So, what are you waiting for, get an update, and enjoy the features of new wordpress 3.3 version. You can contact the admin support for updating your wordpress blog.

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