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Now it is even more easy to find the dates and schedule of any upcoming music concert or events in your area with Google search. It does not require to do any thing on a user’s part who is performing search. As a user, if you try to Google search about a music band and artists, you may find the dates of their upcoming tour or event in your area listed right on Google search results page. As you can see in the image, such tour or event dates information will be available right there below. However, it will appear only if the concerned music band or artist has any upcoming tour planned in your city or town. Currently, it is only available for English language users and only available from It may become gradually available in region specific google search as well.

music band artist events tour date google search results

Google Rich Snippets Markup for Displaying Music Bands, Artists Tour /Events Dates

This has been made possible because of introduction of Google rich snippets for events site. So, any event site who has implemented rich snippets markup on their site as per google’s guidelines will be able to push such information in google search results.

google rich snippets for events show music events dates

After adding the rich snippets markup for events, you can test it from here to see if it has been added properly or not and if it will be able to display music concerts or events date in google search results or not.

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