MTS Launches a Special Women Safety Plan [Mpowered]

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Mpowered is the name of new “Women Safety” plan that has been launched by mobile service provider company MTS. Currently the plan has only been launched in Delhi-NCR primarily because of Delhi being quite unsafe for women. However, it is yet to be seen how effective the plan would be in ensuring the safety of women on Delhi roads. Just take a look at the features of Mpowered mobile plan by MTS and decide for yourself.


Features of MTS’ Mpowered Plan for Women Safety

 As per the company MTS, the features that will ensure safety for women are as below;

Zero and/or negative balance calling up to Rs. 5 i.e. the women subscriber can still make a call even if the prepaid balance is zero or in negative (up to Rs.5). This is to ensure that she is able to make a call in case of any eventuality. However, company didn’t say anything on what will happen after that i.e. after you consume the negative balance as well.

Free pepper spray with every new connection. Though it will be given only to first 500 new connections on FRC 102 plan i.e. First Recharge Coupon of Rs. 102 only. Pepper Spray will be sent by courier to customer only after successful activation.

VAS pack worth Rupees120/month complimentary for the first 2 months.

Self Defense Training (register by dialing 678).

Women’s Knowledge Portal for safety tips & rights (Call @ 678).

Call, SMS & Data Charges [Mpowered]

The call charges in the Mpowered plan has been kept as 30 paise per minute including local as well as STD calls. Local and National SMS will be charged at 30 paisa per SMS. Take a look at the below table to find all the charges and tariff. Click the image to enlarge.


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