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Movie Rental or Pay-Per-View Service by YouTube

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You must have been using YouTube for viewing various types of videos for free. Quite recently, YouTube had started with streaming full length movie service as well. Now to take this forwards and to reduce the piracy and to ensure that the producer of the content /movie/video and YouTube gets their monetary due, they are planning to launch Pay-Per-View service for movies & videos. This can also be seen as a movie rental service wherein you pay a small free to watch your favourite movie on YouTube.


Rates for Pay-Per-View Service by YouTube

The Pay-Per-View service has already been running in some countries like Japan, Korea and Australia. Now, they are extending this service to India where piracy is at maximum and many movies /video content producers as well as media companies have shown keen interest in this upcoming partnership. This will be a win-win situation for both the producer as well as YouTube.

However, company has not yet decided and confirmed about the fee amount that they will be charging in India under pay per view model.

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