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10 Most Entertaining Applications In Nokia Ovi Store

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Nokia Ovi store has some great applications, which may prove to be useful on day-to-day basis. Today, we will talk about the best entertainment applications in Nokia Ovi. Entertainment apps are always fun, as these applications keep you occupied all the time. There are many such applications which are available freely. These applications can be chosen based on personal preference as well. To know more about the best entertainment apps in Nokia Ovi, read on.

Talking Clock Apps for Nokia

It is the most popular application in Nokia Ovi. There is a setting in the clock, which makes the clock speak after every one hour. The clock application features different alarm sounds. The clock can be set on digital and analog mode. This application is fun and is available in Ovi store for free. The clock also has some great graphics.

Talking Clock Apps for Nokia ovi

Special Effects (Nokia Ovi Store Application)

The application lets you add special effects to all the pictures in your mobile. Simply add an effect from the collection to have some fun. The application lets you save the special effects. The application has a sharing feature, which lets you share picture with family and friends. It is a great fun application and can be downloaded for free.

Special Effects (Nokia Ovi Store Application)

Age Effect

How would you look after twenty years? If you wish to know this, then this application is for you. By simply uploading a picture, the application lets you know your age effect. The application has different features in age effect. The application is great if you wish to have some fun with your picture. The application is available for free from Ovi store.

Age Effect most entertaining apps nokia ovi store

Funny Catz

The application has a collection of funny cat pictures. It has animated pictures that would surely tickle your funny bone. The pictures in the application are updated every week, so you would never get bored. It’s the best funny and entertaining application, that would keep you hooked. The application is available free from Nokia Ovi store.

Funny Catz free entertaining apps nokia ovi store

Screen Crack Prank

Want to play a prank on your friend, then this application may help you. The application features bubble game prank. Simply ask your friend to play with the bubble game, and the screen gets cracked up while playing. It is the best way to make your friend scared. Screen prank is a fun application that can be downloaded free from Nokia Ovi store.

Screen Crack Prank

Hand Drawing Message Application

The application helps in hand drawing. It lets you replace messages by hand written pictures and writing. The application allows you to be creative. Use your creative skills to develop special messages. The message you create can be shared with friends and family. The application is available free from the Nokia Ovi store.

Hand Drawing Message Application

Lie Detector

This one is a fun and entertaining application, which can also be used as prank on friends. Through finger scan option; there is a lie detector feature that can be used. Therefore, every time you ask a question to your friend, it would let you know the result. In addition, if it is a lie your friends would be embarrassed. The application can be downloaded free from the Nokia Ovi store.

Lie Detector free finger scan apps

Sketch Effect

The application can be used for your photos. Sketch effect application helps to turn all your photos into beautiful sketches. Therefore, now you can just upload your photo and make it a sketch. This fun application is great for all the pictures. It is available free from the Nokia Ovi store. The application also supports other features.

Sketch Effect

Crazy Parrot

The application is fun as it repeats everything you say. The parrot imitates your every word. It also repeats different sounds you make. The application also supports different speech features. It also helps to record special messages. The application is entertaining; it can be downloaded from the Nokia Ovi store for free.

Crazy Parrot record message apps nokia

My Candle Pro

The application is truly amazing, as it works like a real candle. It lets you blow the flame and play with the flame. The application has different candles, so you would never get bored of the same candle. It supports the instant tap function. This is a must have application for Nokia. It is available free from the Nokia Ovi store.

My Candle Pro apps nokia

All the above applications can be downloaded from the official Nokia Ovi store.

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