Modi’s Victory Tweet Breaks Twitter India Records

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Narendra Modi’s tweet informing and acknowledging the victory in the Lok Sabha elections broke many twitter India records. For one, it was the most retweeted tweet and it was retweeted more than 66k times. The same tweet was the fastest ever to reach the 10k, 20 k, 30 k and 40 k retweets.

Modi's Victory Tweet Breaks Twitter India Records

Prior to the above, the other two top tweets also belong to Modi. In one, he has shared an autographed photograph of himself taking blessings of his mother. Second one, he tweeted asking his followers to write on victory wall. All these three tweets happens to break the most retweeted tweets till date in Indian twitter history.

Besides, on the counting day, the most searched terms on twitter were that of Narendra Modi as the top with around 722.9 thousands followed by term BJP with 352 thousands. Total number of tweets that mentioned @narendramodi were around 0.75 millions.

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