Mobile security vault app for protecting valuable information

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Personal security is threatened more today than it ever was in the past because of mobile technology. Your friends and even random strangers can often see what you are doing on your smartphone. This makes it easy for people to steal your personal information, see private photos or interfere with online conversations. There are many apps that can help boost your phone’s level of security, but one of the best is NQ Vault. There are many features here that will keep people from seeing your photos, conversations or anything else on your device.


Make Private Albums

One of the core features is the ability to create a private album. Most iPhone and Android phone models only allow you to create public albums that anyone can look at if they have your phone. This can be a major breach of privacy if you have any photos or videos that you don’t want other people to see.

NQ Vault’s private album is protected by a password. This ensures that no one can enter the album without your permission. Transferring your existing photos and videos to this album is very easy and should only take a few seconds.

Protect New Videos and Photos

If you take a new private video or photo with your phone’s camera, then you obviously want to move it to the private album. At the same time, there’s a chance that you might miss a photo or two. This means that someone might see them if he or she goes through your phone.

Another useful feature that NQ Vault has is that you can automatically send new photos and videos to your private album. This ensures that you don’t accidentally leave one in your public album where anybody can see it.

Hide Private Messages

Facebook is great because it allows you to connect with friends and relatives, but it’s not very secure. It’s very easy for people to look at your phone and see the conversations you are having with other people. If you want these conversations to be private, then you can use NQ Vault to hide the messages in a private folder.

This ensures that no one can see what you and the other person are talking about. If you talk to clients or conduct any business through Facebook, then this feature is absolutely essential.

Fake Vault

This is a premium feature, but it’s incredibly useful if you want to avoid nagging questions from your friends or anyone that goes through your phone. Chances are that someone will eventually notice the private album. This will understandably make certain people suspicious.

The fake vault feature allows you to have a second private album that is also protected by a password. The purpose of this is to hide videos and photos that aren’t actually private. If someone demands to see what is in the album, then just show him or her the fake vault and there will be no more questions about it.

Secure Login

There are two features that protect your phone’s login procedure. The first one is fairly standard. It will take a photo of anyone that unsuccessfully enters the login password. Not only that, but it will tell you when and where the attempt occurred. If you suspect that any of your friends of family members are trying to break into your phone, then this will give you the necessary proof to establish blame.

The other feature is quite unique. Known as the “SecureCam Login,” this feature allows you to hide the real login screen. You have to point the phone’s camera at any solid surface to make the real login screen appear. If the user does not do this, then the phone will not unlock.

Both of these features will keep people out of your phone to ensure your privacy.


There are many apps made to help protect your privacy, but few are as thorough as NQ Vault. This protects your photos and videos, hides Facebook conversations, secures your login screen and even allows you to make a fake vault to avoid suspicion. Best of all, the app is very inexpensive. If you want to protect your privacy, then NQ Vault is definitely a great app.

Katelyn Roberts is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage. Users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack. Sarah has teamed up with NQ Mobile to keep mobile devices protected nation wide!

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