Mobile Charger Can Hack an iPhone?

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Bad news for iOS based Apple iPhone – now, it can be hacked even by a battery charger. Cyber criminals have build a custom made malicious chargers named MacTans which has the ability to install  malware in your iPhone during charging. It can harm an Apple iPhone running any version of iOS and all it takes is less than a minute to hack into an iPhone.

Mactans  – Malicious Chargers, Hackers’ New Tool

Mactans Malicious Mobile Charger can Hack your iPhone

So, one need to be cautious enough while buying accessories for your iPhone. Don’t simply go for just any cheaper charger. Rather, buy only an authentic and original battery charger and other accessories. This is because hackers world-wide are now focussing on hardware/accessories to hack into your device.

Worst thing, Apple has not yet fixed this issue. So, better to take enough security measures to protect your iPhone from Hackers.

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