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Microsoft to join the bandwagon of smart watch

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After smart phones, now it is the turn for smart watches to dominate the market place. Very soon Microsoft is coming up with the concept of launching its own smart watches. Considering the trends prevailing in the tech world Microsoft did not want to lag behind in this cut-throat war of wearable gadgets. However the idea of discovering the smart watch is not new to anyone, earlier companies like Sony, The Casio, Seiko etc. has already made the entry in this division of super watches.

an elegant smart time piece
Smart watch for smart Gen

With the increasing speculations about the Microsoft’s idea of joining the bandwagon of smart watch, marketing world is expecting a lot from this company. If reports are to be believed then electronic giants are working hard in creating the wearable devices so as to solve everyone’s problem of carrying the devices in hand and making their life more comfortable.

For the time being, Google has already patented its timepieces featuring dual display system and clear touch screen to look more elegant and stylish. On the other hand reportedly, companies like Samsung, LG and Apple are also working on the same concept to raise the bar of competition. This is for sure that things coming up like this will change the outlook of our real world. Also it will attract the consumers to the market for purchasing these tech friendly gadgets.

Talking about already entered smart watches then various fitness bands have previously talked up this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. These devices include the most awaited Pebble wristwatch, which made its first appearance at the conference.

Coming back to the Microsoft, it is not the first instance where Microsoft is delving into inventing such personal objects. To enhance your memory, in the year 2002, Microsoft has tried its hand in this zone by putting in lot of money and efforts in association with watch manufacturers such as Fossil and Swatch. But after facing lot of criticisms and downfall it pulled out itself from this high end project. Now, once again it is back with a bang to hit the market surface with smartly created watches.  But we are not sure about Microsoft’s commitment in producing such an advanced device.

Smart watch by different electronic giants
Smart watch to dominate the market

Smartest time pieces to be launched by Microsoft

According to the reports of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ Microsoft is said to be working on the touch screen device. However, one executive told that he had met with Microsoft’s research and development team in Redmond, Wash., but it’s unclear whether Microsoft will commit to producing such a device.

Failing to set fire in the sales of tablets Microsoft is again set to expand its market value with its innovative concept.  It is likely to be observed that if Microsoft will come up with such high-end projects then market’s scenario will definitely going to change for the betterment of global market place.

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