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Know 10 Great Features About Microsoft’s Phone-Laptop Hybrid

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When Microsoft announced the launch of cross fusion of Phone and Laptops (Microsoft Phone-Tablet hybrid) with the hardware system with Windows 10, it definitely brings the curiosity within the laptop and mobile users to know in detail the new features and great things offered by Microsoft. Hence, we take the initiative to help you with all the great things you can use with Windows 10 on the phone which you only thought using it on laptops.Microsoft Phone-Tablet hybrid

Here is the most notable new Windows 10 features for Phones (Smartphones):

1. Synchronization of Windows Action Center between Phone and Desktop:

Like iOS system, which provides the I Cloud service to sync all the devices together, Windows 10 has introduced a similar concept where one dismisses a notification on to the phone and it gets the same done to the other Windows 10 devices as well.

2. Cortana feature on the phone will help you remember where you parked your car with no tension to recall or become a lost person.

3. Switch Instantly between SMS and Other IMs, which include Skype too. How cool is that.

4. Universal or Modern Apps: No more tension of how to use Word, PowerPoint or Excel on the phone easily because Windows 10 makes things convenient. All three (MS Office) can be used easily on to the Phone.

5. Ever imagined that a Windows Upgrade can help you provide Wireless printing support built into Office for users. Yes, now you can easily print from your smartphone!Windows 10 for Phones

6. New Email Management by a convenient swipe based interface built-in feature in the full Word engine.

7. Great Organizing Universal Photo App, which helps in removing the duplicate images, auto-enhance images and better organizing of the photos.

8. Automatic creation of albums with headers and nice formatting of the photos to be in the cloud for easy access.

9. One drive comes built- in as a Music App where it allows putting whole music collection in the One Drive Cloud.

10. Similar to iOS, the Windows 10 will feature the inline replies on to the phone for easy usage and replying system to each message.

So isn’t it going to be really exciting working on the new phase of life with Windows 10 either on phone or laptops. We are sure it is going to attract each and every eyeball towards the betterment and easy working style in the most advanced manner.

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