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How to Make Money Even By Sharing Jokes on Whatsapp?

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Earler, we explained about how you can make money from your Facebook page. Now, we are going to do the same with Whatsapp. Yes, you read it right. We are talking about the most famous chat messenger app, Whatsapp which is being used widely by all smart phone owners. However, so far you have only been using it for sending and receiving messages, pics, jokes, memes etc. But, now let’s talk business and that too by sharing jokes on Whatsapp.


Simple Way to Make Money by Sharing Jokes on Whatsapp.

Why not make use of your time and effort that you spent on using Whatsapp to make money out of it. Next time, don’t just forward the jokes, memes and other funny stuff on Whatsapp but send something which can help you to make money, at least, some thing extra and beyond your regular income.

To make money by sharing jokes/funny stuff on Whatsapp, you must know about URL shortening services on web. There are many URL shortening services which pay for every click on the URL shortened by them. Let us try to explain how and why you will get paid out of sharing shortened URLs via Whatapp.

Let’s take an example of any funny Facebook page. Assume, the URL of the page is Assuming this page has content which is about jokes, funny memes etc. The above URL could be pretty long.

To make the above URL short, sign up with any URL shorten service website (which, pays). You can Google about “URL shortner get paid” service. One such website that pays to share the short URLs is After signing up with them, use them to shorten the above URL.

So, for example, the above URL after shortening is

Now, you know that this short URL actually points to a Famous funny page on Facebook (and before you get confuse, let me clarify that, it is not necessary that you own that URL or page or site for which you are shortening with the above site).

Next, after you have the short URL with you, you simply need to share this via Whatsapp to your contacts, groups etc.Every time, some one clicks on that short URL, you get paid by the site.

Why the above URL shortening site pays its users? It is because – when some one clicks on the shortened URL, he/she is taken to a intermediate page before reaching the final page. That intermediate page displays advertisement. So, basically that advertiser is actually paying to users like you. That means, when you share the above URL to your Whatsapp contacts, he/she first gets to see the Ad before getting to see the final page i.e funny page.

How to make your whatsapp contacts click on the link that you share? Since, it is a funny page and you are quite used to sharing jokes, memes and other funny stuff on Whatsapp. So, you pick up any funny joke, meme, pic or just any content and share it as usual on Whatsapp. But this time, along with that content, paste the above shortened URLs as well. This way the person will be prompted to see more funny content by clicking on the link. Assuming that person in your Whatsapp contact is someone known to you, he/she will be more likely to click on the link that you shared along with the joke /pic.

These days Whatsapp is the significant source to make interesting content go viral in no time. That means, let’s say, even if you are sharing your joke /funny stuff with your link, with your close contacts (e.g. 40 or 50 contacts), it can go viral and can reach even thousands of people within minutes.

Hope, we have been able to make it clear on how any one can make money even by sharing jokes & other funny stuff on Whatsapp.

Still in doubt, you can comment below and we can clarify it further and even add more information to it.

However, we are keen to know about your personal experience of making money by sharing jokes on Whatsapp. So, please do share your experience as well.

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