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Make Money with your Facebook and Twitter Friends [PowerVoice]

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PowerVoice has launched a unique money making platform for all the social networking enthusiast to make money from their Facebook and twitter network and friends. You don’t need to do any thing special to get enrolled for this unique money making program offered by PowerVoice. You can simply connect using your existing Facebook and Twitter user-ids. PowerVoice has been launched just yesterday and it is a social media marketing company founded by by former federal consultant at IBM Ryan Landau and ex-Googler (and brother) Andrew Landau. PowerVoice provides you with the offers by different advertisers from different domains which you have to share with your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter. You get paid once your friend completes that offer. So simple, Isn’t it?


How to Signup for PowerVoice to Make Money from Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter) 

Click here to sign up with this unique money making program offered by PowerVoice. Simply use your existing Facebook and Twitter Ids to connect and get started. You can start almost immediately after sign up.

How Does PowerVoice Work 

Simply indicate your interest /categories of offers you want to share with your Facebook and Twitter friends. For example, you can choose to share the offers from categories like technology, video, books, shopping, education, computer and electronics, food & drinks, pets, games, travel etc. You can choose any one or all of these categories to select the offers from. Once you have chosen the interest categories, you will get to see all the available offers from that categories along with the commission amount which you will be entitled after your friend completes that offer. Generally, the commission amount is per person. So if more than one of your friends completes that offer, you get paid commission for each successful completion. Sounds quite exciting and easy to make money from your social network.

You can choose to share the offers on either or both of Facebook and Twitter networks. There are two ways to share the offers with your social networks and make money.

 (1) After sign up with PowerVoice, you can select the offers which you would like to share. PowerVoice will provide you with a unique referral link along with the ad text. You can post that ad text and link from within PowerVoice dashboard and it will post directly to your connected Facebook and Twitter networks.

(2) Alternatively, you can take the above referral link and manually post within your Facebook and Twitter accounts in the same way as you post the status updates.

Using either of the above ways will enable your Facebook friend and Twitter followers to see that ad post details and will likely to click and complete the offer.

Payments Mode and Reports (PowerVoice) 

PoweVoice is currently using only one mode to make the payment i.e. thru PayPal. So, you need to get a PayPal id to get paid for the money you earn using PowerVoice.

There is threshold amount of $50 to get the payment which means you need to earn at least $50 before the payment could be released to your PayPal account.

You can always check your earning from within the PowerVoice dashboard. Simply click the “Account” link on top of the menu. You can see the number of offers you have shared already along with commission amount you have earned.

Refer Friends to Make Additional Money with PowerVoice 

It’s not only the completions of offers that will bring you money but you can also make money by referring your friends to sign up with PowerVoice. PowerVoice currently pays $1 for each successful sign up by you.

Thousand of people have already signed up to make money with this unique program by PowerVoice, So go ahead and sign up to get started.


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