How to maintain originality of content online?

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Content forms the entire structure of a website. It gives the information either through text matter or in the form of pictures or both. Content enables in communicating the relevancy, reliability and usefulness of the information, that the portal trying to convey to its users.


Often we get fantasized towards many portals from their attractive presentation on the home page. But as we travel through the website, we may soon lose interest either due to the repetitive content or not so informative content. A good content should focus on what a reader is actually looking for, in the portal and not just the information it want to share.
Content writing is something beyond collection of geometrically correct sentences. It is more about the style that matters. Various styles of writing like casual, sassy, dramatic, etc are followed to develop interest among the readers. It also involves the use of proper key words that enables a website to avail better rankings in any search engine.
Originality of content helps us to stand different from others. The success of content strategy can be achieved only when it is ‘tailor-made’. Creating original content is a challenging job because it is difficult to rewrite same topics quite a few number of times.
The web content can be checked for plagiarism by using any of the following duplicate checker tools:
  1. Copyscape – The premium version of Copyscape allows to copy-paste content directly into the search box for observing plagiarism.
  2. PlagSpotter – It checks the entire content of website for duplication and gives us detailed summary in the form of source list as well as percentage of duplication.
  3. Duplichecker – It generates a detailed analysis report of plagiarism in regard to content and also verifies any other write-ups or articles attached to the portal.
  4. Google Panda – It not just target the duplicate content but also comment on the quality. It checks the portal as a whole and not page-wise. Google Panda removes such duplicated and low quality pages, or even block them. In few cases, such portals are also penalized. As per Google, “high quality content brings additional value”.
Though we can check plagiarism using any of the available tools, many of these target either the repeated or similar content. But they fail to identify if the existing content is used by rewriting the sentences and context. Originality implies putting new ideas and not the existing ones.
The originality of content can be achieved to the maximum extent by following few simple steps:
è    Collecting inputs. Involving more people in the writing process. In the sense asking for more inputs related to the topic.
è    Research. Originality of the content cannot be achieved without strong research. Accumulating maximum information is important to write a content.
è    Creativity. Forming our own style of writing with the help of information gathered helps in developing more creative content.
To summarize, an aggressive and original content creates a direct impact on the user. It encourages customer to make impulse buying.
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