Now Parents Can Monitor Their Children’s Internet Usage

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Today’s generation is getting smarter now a days. The credit goes to the advanced technology which is booming at a faster pace. To be more specific let’s talk about the smart phones and tablets that are attracting the users from round the corner of the world. Cut throat competition in the market is the reason enough for the prevailing culture of smart phones and tablets.

Users are getting addicted to these techno-friendly devices and hence every day we see several apps coming into the market with distinctive features. The continuous arrival of apps is somehow becoming the concern for the parents whose children usually hangout with the smart phone or tablet rather than friend circle.

Smart phone app for parents

To lessen the concerns of parents we are here with the greatest news that can actually put their worries aside. Yes, a Toronto-based Company, Kytephone is ready with a new app named ‘namesake app’ which allows parents to control the apps and sites used by their children. Not only this, new apps will also helps the parents tracking the call and text record of their children.

Officially released on Monday, this application is specially designed for the children of age group 13 to 17.

According to Pew Research Center, more than one-third of American teenagers possess a smart phone, up from more than a fifth in 2011. Phone is their key way of getting online for approximately nearly half of these users, making it complicated for parents to control their behavior.

“When you have a smart phone, you basically have the Internet in your pocket wherever you are – away from your parents’ eyes,” said Anooj Shah, a partner in Toronto-based Company Kytephone, which develops apps, in his recent interview to a leading daily.

Kytephone’s namesake app offers a special feature that allows parents to administer the apps and sites their children are using. This app will also facilitate the feature such as tracking the received texts and calls. However the drawback of this app is that it does not have the ability to block the calls.

This is not the first app developed to monitor the behavioral patterns of children previously this month, Net Nanny, a monitoring software company, also launched a browser app for Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iOS devices to refine the Web content and block vulgarity. The Android version of Net Nanny costs about $12.99. It can help in monitoring the apps used by a child.

The company is also launching a specialized subscription called Net Nanny Social, a Web-based tool to assist parents in identifying and controlling problems like identity theft on social networking sites, cyber crime etc. the service is said to be costs around $20 per year.

Now the concerned parents can keep a tab on their children’s behavior very easily. Thanks to the world of technology! What’s say?

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