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Use BlackBerry Smartphone to Open Doors instead of Access Card

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Now, your BlackBerry device to act as your digital identity with coming up iris-recognition functionality. Canadian mobile manufacturing company Research In Motion (RIM) has launched this unique and new technology in association with Iris ID and HID global. These two companies are involved in offering secure identity solutions. So, now with Iris recognition capability in your BlackBerry, you won’t need an employee ID card or swipe card to open the doors at your workplace. Simply flashing the BlackBerry device do that for you. This is based on an Embedded iClass technology and only NFC enabled BlackBerry 7 smartphones will be able to transmit your identity.


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How Do Eyes are Captured and  Iris Recognition Work to Act as Digital Identity

A digital video is captured of the person who is positioned at about 3 to 14 inches from the iris camera. Afterwards, still images are captured from this video using a frame grabber and iris pattern is captured into an 512-bytes digital template. For this a unique, algo is used to analyse the pattern and capture what is visible between the pupil and white of the eye. This digital template is stored in a database and acts as your digital identity wherever you need it. It takes about a second or two to confirm the identity of the person with this and that too without using any more PINs, passwords or even any physical access cards.

Company has clarified that no eyes are needed in the whole process of identification and only a NFC-enabled BlackBerry is sufficient.

Here is a video demo of the whole Iris recogniton process in use at airports;

What to Do in case of BlackBerry is Lost or Stolen

Well, as with everything else, losing the BlackBerry device due to theft or any other reason could be a matter of concern. However, it involves a simple solution which is applicable for any such scenario otherwise as well. That is, in case you do lose your BlackBerry or it gets stolen, you can either remotely wipe the information lying in your device or just inform the authorities to get the access revoked for the stolen device just as you would do in case you lose your access card.

IrisAccess Technology Vs Other Biometric IDs (Finger prints, hands, voice)

Above IrisAccess system or technology has been found to be far more stable and successful than other biometric template IDs. It is because most of other biometric templates like hands, finger prints, voice etc. do change over time which require re-enrollment as otherwise old templates failed to work. In case of IrisAccess, the iris patterns remain constant from birth till death with the only exception being surgery, trauma etc. which can lead to change in iris patterns.

Not only this, but IrisAccess system is quite fast to act unlike other technologies. It doesn’t even require any physical touch or contact and hence it is only best suited for enrionments where rubber gloves or any other protective gears are used.

As a matter of fact, you can go for an eyes capturing or iris recognition process even while wearing eye glasses or contact lenses. This doesn’t affect the system accuracy at all.

Who is Using IrisAccess system or Iris Recognition Technology

Its being used in Canada wherein it secures 29 national airports with this technology. See the pics of IrisAccess in use below. It is also being used in Equinox Fitness Clubs, RagingWire Data Center, Albany International Airport, Nine Zero Hotel, Boston and many more places.


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