iPod Apps You Never Have Had the Experience of Using

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ipod apps Media players and the smart phones were never produced by any company like the one Apple does now. The iPod is one of the many extraordinary gadgets produced by Apple. The company has the hands in innovativeness and creativity along with an eye for technology. The late CEO of the company Steve Jobs made sure that the company stood out on the horizon, and it would take the other competitors to run up to it, in years.

The iPod

iPod is the only media player that comes in with the charging and re-useable facility. Not many media players can be charged. The other media players I have seen since I was a kid were the ones that either could run on batteries or could run on the AC power.

Similarly, I never saw anything attached to the media players in my childhood that could save up the harm and damages from reaching the gadgets. Now I see that the iPod comes with the many covers, skins, iPod cases and even stickers, not just to protect the media player but to style the gadget as well.

Some apps, which now you can download, in the all touch media player, are as follows. I know this is new as to all those who have been using the electric media players. This device is smarter than you think.

Apps and games for the iPod

1) DropBox: This app is all for those who want their data to be saved. This means, this app can be used by all the users. The DropBox is rather a facility for the users to upload all the data from the iPod to the Apple iCloud service. All you need is a free account on the iTunes and then you will be able to upload the data you want saved, and be accessed from any remote location from any iOS device.

2)  Epicurious: This app is for the cooking lovers and those who want to do new experiments in the kitchen daily. This app will provide you with new recipes daily so that you can keep on cooking not just the continental dishes but anything from around the world and your traditional dishes could be cooked easily.

3)  Evernote: This app will make the life of all the writers easy. All you need is to download this app and start writing. You can save the data in it as well as upload it to the iCloud service. The document editor also helps you to edit the documents you have created in the MS Word. You can now keep an editing option availed in this app for the PDF files as well.

4)  Google Voice: This app may not be available in the iPods coming after the year 2012 as the tussle between Google and Apple may have gone bad. However, in the previous versions you can find this app so you may be able to call to any US number, text and communicate anyone in US through this app for free.

Above post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a professional writer dealing in topics such as the use of Apple devices, Blackberry cell phones, iPod cases and Kindle accessories, technical details of gadgets from different companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola etc.

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