iPhone Data Loss and Recovery [Infographic]

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The below inforgraphic provides the primary reasons for data losses in iPhone and their recovery methods. Quite interestingly, data loss due to virus attack is quite minimal with just 5% of them getting affected. The foremost reason is the accidental deletion followed by physical damage to the iPhone.

Now, data recovery obviously, could be the most desired by iPhone users if there are such a high % of people who are losing it because of their own mistake.

Needless to say, that the data type which is severely affected is ofcourse Photos and videos.followed by the contacts and the SMS/messages. One can understand the pain of a user who would lose the photos and videos which he/she would have taken from different places and at different times. Photos and Videos are something which people just can not afford to lose because these are not just plain files but their memories stored digitally. Often, people are emotionally attached with their memories stored in the form of pics and videos.

All iPhone users must see the below inforgraphic to understand the reasons for data loss in iPhone and their recovery methods.


Source: Easeus.

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