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iPhone 6- everything about the Slimmest iPhone

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The wait is over for the people who were waiting for iPhone 6 to hit the market. With the slimmest phone ever made with just 6.9 mm, you would definitely expect everything outstanding as and when Apple launches its new iPhone model. In terms of looks, overall round edges in in, good-bye to the sharp edgy looks.

The power button of the phone from the top has been moved to the right. Thank god for the change for the easy and comfortable access giving the look of larger phone overall. The air effect is in with Apple products these days. After iPad Air was launched, it is the time when iPhone 6 has come up with lighter and thin look like an air model of any other apple product.

Resale value of iPhone is greater than samsung.

MUST KNOW facts about new IPhone 6 in the market (Specs & Features)

  • Comes in two models: iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • IPhone 6 is 4.7 inches diagonally and 6.9 mm wide whereas iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches diagonally and thicker than iPhone 6 with 7.1mm width.
  • IPhone 6 is better with display than any 720HD display while iPhone 6 Plus also has a full 1080P HD Display!
  • One of the most important innovations of Apple in the 4th generation of IPhone is its processor chip. This is A8 which is also known as the motion processor that gives 25% extra speed in gaming and videos as compared to the previous generation IPhone 5 or 5s.
  • Don’t want to carry your wallet? Don’t worry Apple Pay is a mobile payment system which will help you get rid of wallets.
  • Payment Game: Equipped with Apple Pay and a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna, which helps in tapping your phone against a sensor to make the payments.
  • Credit Card from companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be easily linked to the phone’s passbook. Not to worry, the security has been kept intact with the phone as the card information is in codes and each transaction done has a payment number. So if one looses on the phone, one can simply cancel its payment directly against the card.
  • Coming to the camera of the phone, this phone will have 8-megapixel iSight camera, a 1.5 pixel sensor and a f/2.2 aperture lens.
  • Focus pixels will help the photography enthusiasts to help get the focus faster and better.
  • One important upgrade in the phone is the better battery life which we all iPhone lovers were waiting for it. With 10hours more of audio, four more hours of 3G talk with both having a standby battery lives of 10 days it is definitely an impressive deal. iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand, has the best battery life of any iPhone till date. 80 hours of Audio, 24 hours of 3G talk and standby battery life is 16 days, did you even expect so much on offer is what Apple will offer?
  • Sense your elevation with barometers: the air pressure sensors in the phone help in calculating how high up one are? So accordingly, it helps in recording the fitness activity and the data can be stored in the new built-in Health app. For the first time in the history of smart phone, a barometer that also counts for the number of stairs and the distance and elevation of hills climbed.
  • Faster is the new thing: iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi speed is three times faster than of iPhone 5s. IPhone 6 has a faster LTE than the 5s giving better roaming capabilities.
  • LTE means 4G speed in a phone which is faster than even 3G. With this, IPhone also supports VoLTE for the first time in any smartphone on this earth. Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) means that through LTE or Wi-Fi network, your IPhone can call any phone (apple or non-apple) without any call charges. Tim Cook, Apple is proposing this for the reception usage in organizations where a reception can make calls through VoLTE and organizations can cut the cost on phone bills.
  • Improved landscape for better typing and layout system.
  • Both models available in gold, silver and space grey color. While the 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB is available for both the price definitely varies too.
  • Iphone 6 costs $199, $299 and $399 with two-year contract for 16, 64 and 128 GB respectively. Iphone 6 Plus comes for $299, $399 and $499 for 16, 64 and 128 GB respectively with two- year contract.
  • Expected to be available in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan on the September 19th.

Things Iphone can’t do but Android phones can.

For all the Iphone lovers, treat yourself this festive season with all new Apple brand new product iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and let the people around you envy your and your hand operating on such a lovely Apple piece.

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