Install and Use Google Web Fonts from Google Docs and Office

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Google Web Fonts is a collection of beautiful looking fonts that you can use on website, Google docs or even use it within office software on your local computer. All of these fonts are being offered under Open Font License which means that you can use them even commercially without any copyright or license issues. Since, Google Fonts are hosted on only – it involves a different procedure to use them on website, within Google docs or from office documents on your local computer.

Installing and Using All New 450 Google Web Fonts in Google Docs

Google has also announced officially about making new 450 fonts available to be used from Google docs. Until now, all fonts that you could choose and use in Google docs were only basic fonts like – Arial, Georgia, Trebuchet, Courier, Verdana and Comic Sans. Addition of new 450 fonts will really help to add more creativity to your documents and you will be able to design and create all kind of fancy stuff – a comic book, invitation and greeting cards etc.

To use the new 450 Google web fonts from Google Docs, follow the below procedure;

Click on Fonts menu.

Select “Add Fonts” option at the bottom. It will take you to the list of all the new fonts available.

 use google fonts in google docs

Choose and select the new fonts that you want to include and use. Selected fonts will become available in the fonts menu.

Download and Use Google Fonts from Office Documents on Local Windows Computer

You can choose to download either only the selected fonts or you can download the complete collection. The complete repository has an approximate size of 1.3 GB and growing. Using a Mercurial” version control program will enable you to download the complete collection only once. For all future changes, you will not need to download the complete repository again and again. Instead, you will be able to download only the changes.

 install google web fonts on computer

  • Go to Google Fonts collection.
  • Choose the fonts you want to be added.
  • Click “Download Your Collection” link at the top-right. It will throw an option to choose to download only the selected ones or download the complete collection.
  • For the chosen fonts, you will get a zip file downloaded which will contain al the selected fonts in TTF (True Type Format) format.
  • Unzip the file and copy the individual fonts TTF files in the fonts folder on your computer. Once copied, you will be able to use them from within your office documents software or any other program. You can install the same from within Control Panel –> Fonts option as well.

To download the complete collection of 1.3 GB using Mercurial, follow the below steps;

  • Download TortoiseHG (Mercurial GUI program). Install it.
  • Create a new folder.
  • Right-Click the folder –>go to TortoiseHG –> Click Clone.
  • Enter the source as –
  • Click OK. Wait until download completes.

The above steps will enable you to make use new Google web fonts from Google docs as well as from Office program on your computer.

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