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Instagram Application Is Now Available On Android [Download]

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The war of applications seems to be heating up between iOS and Android. All the applications that are available in iPhone are now available on android too. The new one to join the list is Instagram. Yes, you heard it right; instagram application is now available in your android market. Instagram application has more than 30 million users in iOS. Photos apps are really getting popular with time. Instagram photo application can help you do too many things at a time. If you are new to the whole world of instagram then we will enlighten you a bit.


What is Instagram for Android app all about? : Features

Instagram is a photo sharing application that is well connected to all the social media websites. There are so many features in the app, that you just cannot get enough of it. Instagram app has customized borders and filters for all the pictures you click. It has different photo effects that work like Photoshop. It lets you drop or change the resolution of photos within minutes.

Easy Integration of Instagram with Social Networking Sites

Instagram is well connected to all the social sites like facebook, twitter and flicker. The application lets you share the images with interaction. This is similar to sharing in the messenger. It lets you like and receive the comments in seconds. Therefore, if you like a picture, which is send by your friend, you can reply in seconds. It is so easy to stay connected through instagram application.

Works with Android 2.2 – Compatible with Ice-Cream Sandwich Version

Instagram works with the android 2.2 version. It is also compatible with the new version of the ice-cream sandwich. The application has a full back and front camera support that lets you click pictures with clear quality. It also has a unique customization feature, so it lets you adjust the pictures according to your taste.

Customize Photos with 18 Filters

Snapping a picture is easy with instagram application. You just need to snap a picture you like and then choose from eighteen filter options available in the application. The only thing that is not available in the application is the preview feature.

Download Instagram for Android [Photo App]

Many photo applications are available in the android market. However, this one is really worth a try. Instagram has been a favorite application in iPhone. So, let us see it will be the same in android market or not. For starters, if you are an android user, then just go ahead and download this application for free. It will be updated on automatic basis. The application is available in the Google play market.

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