Italy and Germany Users are Least Addicted to Tablets and Smartphones

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The recently conducted, Nielsen’s fourth-quarter poll of mobile users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Italy revealed that Italy and Germany users seem to be least addicted to the mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets (see, Infographic below). On the other hand, users from US and UK are the most addicted. This has been derived from the usage habits of the users for example, based on how many people do multi-tasking of using smartphones and tablets while watching TV.

Multi-Tasking of Using Smartphones and Tablets While Watching TVs [Infographic]

Almost 30 to 35% of Italy and Germany users (who own smartphone or tablet devices) never use them while watching TVs. They are generally more focussed on the task at hand. Interestingly, 86 – 88% of US users have done multi-tasking of using smartphones or tablet while watching TV at least once. Almost 26 to 27% of US users do multi-taking many times during a day while only 7% do it once a month.






Many people who use smartphones and/or tablets while watching TVs do so during break time. They do so to check emails and even to engage with the content related to what is being shown on TV at that time. It could be to seek more information on product being advertised or show being telecast.

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