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Increase Traffic on Your How-to Blog

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If you write a how-to blog, you already know that you have a lot of competition from other bloggers, especially since many of them post instructional videos online. There are some ways, though, that you can increase the traffic on your blog and make it the first place your readers go for information. Whether your blog focuses on auto repair, computer solutions, cooking, or shopping, you can reach more people with your information by making it accessible on mobile devices. Especially since many people may use a smartphone or tablet to follow the instructions you give on your blog, your website needs to be accessible on mobile devices in order to keep your current readers and attract new ones.


Getting Started

It might seem difficult to launch a mobile version of your blog, but, luckily, there are others who have already made the process much easier for you. You can find other web pages that allow you to create a free mobile website. This means that you’ll be able to make your blog mobile without only a time investment, not a financial investment. To begin, think about what information is most essential for readers to see when they first visit your blog. Do you have a list of how-to videos; a frequently asked questions page? These may be things that you will want to focus on when creating your mobile website. Many users may be on the go when reading your instructions, or they may be out of their houses. If your site is accessible on mobile devices, your current readers will stay and you’ll also gain new readers.

Making the Most of Your New Mobile Blog

Now that you have a mobile website, you can alter your content to make it specific for people who are using your instructions on mobile devices. If you have previous posts that were written for readers who were using laptop or desktop computers, you can make some quick alterations to those posts to make them mobile-friendly. You should also consider adding a page that is specific to mobile devices, such as a page of how-to instructions that have been edited to the shortest version possible. You can leave the original post for users who want more detail, but include an abbreviated version for mobile users.

No matter how great your how-to instructions are, you are probably losing readers if they have difficulty accessing those instructions from their smartphones or tablets. Once you create a mobile website, you are much more likely to increase traffic on your blog, make your current readers more loyal, and attract new readers who need the information you provide. Consider adding a mobile website and making some changes that make it as user-friendly as possible. Always remember to test your mobile website on your own mobile device. Try going out of the house and following your own instructions, or ask a friend to test them for you. Every step you take to make your how-to instructions easier to follow, especially on a mobile device, will make readers more likely to become loyal and repeat visitors to your blog.

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