Human energy can charge cell phones!

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One-stop solution to boost the charging power of cell phones

Tired of charging your phone battery? Here is the solution to all your problems. Now you can charge your mobile phones with a pair of shorts. You must be thinking that we are cracking a joke. But let’s us tell you that recent reports claimed, the invention of this new technology might bring a havoc in the world of gadgets and accessories. Scientists have developed a unique pair of shorts that would allow the users to charge their mobile batteries while wearing these high-end shorts.

Power Pocket Shorts charge battery
Charge your phone via power pocket

Charge your phone while walking

These shorts are capable to power up your phone’s battery for about four hours. For that, it uses the human energy, the energy which is generated by an average person while walking or moving. This is not it; the group of scientists also invented a sleeping bag that can charge your phone’s battery while sleeping. It stores up sufficient energy that will provide a power boost up to the smartphone users.

The Power booster denim shorts are prepared by using a fabric material which converts walking into electrical energy. This converted energy then transfers the power supply to the shorts that can charge your phone. According the leading International daily, the Gaps in clothes are compressed together during regular movement and the energy produced is then changed into fluid for your mobile phones.

People usually suffer from battery backup issues

Many people suffer from the problem of battery backup as their cell phone battery dies after a regular interval. In order to solve these problem scientists worked on the project of making a pair of shorts that will allow users to charge their smart phones by using human power.

An executive and spokesperson for the phone company remarked that these shorts could benefit and aid people in renovating the patterns of mobile charging.

UK people are among some of the first to benefit from the development. Scientists teamed up with Vodafone Company to put forth this highly advanced technology. Their combined efforts made it possible for people to charge their phone while walking.

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Learn how this technology will solve your communication problems

According to the Director of Communications at Vodafone Christian Cull, “Our desire was to produce a practical but exhilarating solution to the charging related concerns experienced by many people at outdoor events. We hope that people connect the power in their pockets to keep them chatting and texting during their entire festival season”.

The Recharge Bag also functions in a similar manner to the shorts where it turns the body heat into power to restore the life of your phone’s battery. It takes approximately eight hours to give enough charge to your phone for the entire long tiring day.

The technology could shortly be moved out more commonly to facilitate the worried users, said Professor Stephen Beeby from the University of Southampton who is in-charge of this on-going research.

Let’s see how useful it will be to the smartphone users.

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