Grab your HTC Rezound (Vigor) with 8MP camera at $299

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If you are one of those android phone lovers, then your wait is over. HTC has announced its 4G LTE Android handset Rezound with beats audio technology. So, you can expect a great device, which also deliver results. HTC has announced the handset to compete with the existing handset Samsung galaxy S2. The most vivid feature in the mobile is the integrated audio technology. The sound is loud and clear, unlike other android devices that are available. The deep bass technology has an edge over other android devices; it may clearly remain a winner in audio handsets.


What features and specs can you expect in this handset? HTC REZOUND (Vigor)

HTC Rezound is expected to have a 1.5GHZ dual processor, which would make the device quick. One highlight of the device is the HD touch screen, which would be user friendly in interface. The RAM size of the device is 1024 MB.

You can also expect an 8 mega pixel camera in HTC Rezound, now that’s one feature to look out for. Normally, other android phones have 5-mega pixel camera or may be more. You can expect clear and sharp pictures with 8-mega pixel camera in the device. There is a front resolution camera in the phone that has 2 mega pixels. Therefore, you can also unleash the photographer in you.

The connectivity features in the phone is something to look out for. You can expect a 4G connectivity and LTE support. This feature would also stand out in the device. You can also expect Wi-Fi and GPS support. There is Bluetooth connectivity with CDMA edge.

The phone supports android 2.3 version, but you would be able to upgrade with the latest version of android 4, once the phone is launched. The phone is expected to launch with the available colors red and black as of now. The form base is slab, so it is handy to hold the device.

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HTC Rezound (Vigor) Price

HTC rezound or Vigor is expected to be available at a price of around $299.

Pre Verdict: HTC REZOUND (Vigor)

With the integrated beats technology, the phone will surely catch your attention. So, if you want an android phone with power packed features, then this phone may just suit you. The official launch is due on 3rd November 2011, after which the official performance of the phone may be known.

As of now, this phone is really looking cool with all the features. You can also test for the audio once the phone is officially launched. The phone is also known as vigor, so it becomes easy to remember the name.

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